The Maze from S-Town (Shit Town) Podcast

The Maze from S-Town (Shit Town) Podcast

Did you listen to S-Town (Shit Town) podcast? The popular podcast from Serial and This American Life and hosted by Brian Reed was released in March and has become a huge hit. In the first episode, we hear about a maze on John’s property and we get to hear how awesome it is. Well, if you’re wondering what the maze from S-Town (Shit Town) looks like, here is an aerial¬†view of it from Google Maps:

The Maze from S-Town (Shit Town) Podcast

The Maze from S-Town (Shit Town) Podcast

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So there it is, the maze from Shit Town (S-Town) Podcast! Unfortunately, I don’t have a ground level photo of the maze but the aerial view at least gives you an idea of what the maze from Shit Town looks like!

Even though the podcast didn’t give the exact coordinates, I still tried googling it to see what I could come up with and came within a few feet of it. I know it’s nothing of importance, but I’m sure somebody else will be wondering what the Maze from Shit Town looks like as well!

Here is a bonus photo of the whole property to get a better idea of how big it is:

S-Town Woodstock Property

S-Town John’s Woodstock Property

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