I love Amazon

I LOVE Amazon! Give Them a Try!

I LOVE Amazon!

I know this might sound like an advertisement, but I just want to say that I LOVE Amazon! My whole family loves them. If you’re looking for something, always look on AmazonĀ first, because they’ll most likely have it and at a better price than most places.

We have Amazon Prime– and if you don’t have it YOU NEED TO GET IT! Seriously. You pay $119 for a year and get: 2 day shipping, Prime Video, Prime Music… and a whole slew of other benefits. It really is great.

We don’t know how they do the shipping part because we have so many items shipped to us a year, that if we were to pay shipping, it would be way above $99. It’s amazing.

They also have Amazon Smile which donates a portion of your purchase to a charity of your choice! How incredible is that? You don’t pay anymore money – everything is the same price as the regular the regular site but Amazon takes it out of their cut. Their affiliates program is awesome as well- it allows you to make money by promoting their products and the customer doesn’t pay more money either.

So yeah, if you don’t have Prime, or even if you never shopped at Amazon, go give them a try now. You won’t regret it! They really are better than a “big box store” because a lot of the times they’re cheaper, they have a LOT more inventory and selection of products, you don’t have to leave the house and deal with crowds, you can shop in your pajamas, if you want to watch a movie or TV show, you can choose one of many that are on Prime Video… the benefits are endless.

Here’s a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime– if you’ve never had it before, try this no obligation free offer!

Have fun!


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