Kathleen Zellner's New Motion

Kathleen Zellner’s New Motion Filed With The Court 7-6-18

Kathleen Zellner’s New Motion Filed With The Court 7-6-18

Kathleen Zellner’s new motion, which was filed with the court on 7-6-18, has EXPLOSIVE new evidence and affidavits that prove even more, that Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey did not murder Teresa Halbach. The new evidence and affidavits point in Bobby Dassey’s direction.

Bobby Dassey is Brendan’s brother and Steven’s nephew. The newly submitted evidence and affidavits also suggest Scott Tydach (Bobby and Brendan’s step dad) helped Bobby clean up and dispose of Teresa’s body.

Click Here To See The New Exhibits From Kathleen Zellner’s New Motion

With all of the new information that Kathleen Zellner and her team has provided to the courts, it clearly shows that Brady violations and the “Denny” criteria were met, and as such, Steven Avery, at the very least, should be afforded a new trial. Brendan Dassey and his lawyers will also be able to use this new information for his court case and the courts should rule in Brendan’s favor as well.

The State of Wisconsin needs to stop putting up a fight against Steven and Brendan and work with their lawyers to put the REAL murderer in jail and free Steven and Brendan. This is beyond a travesty. The state likes to say that all this uproar over Steven and Brendan isn’t fair to the Halbach’s and they’re being put through so much and not allowing them to have closure; but it’s the STATE who is not allowing the Halbach’s to get that closure and it’s the STATE who failed them and are allowing the real murderer to walk free without any justice. The Halbach’s should actually be pissed and should be pressuring the state to arrest the actual killers once and for all. The Halbach’s didn’t receive the justice they need for Teresa and they should be fighting like hell to receive it. 



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