James J Kennedy

James J Kennedy

James J Kennedy

Did you know that Stang and Buting were going to actually name an alternative suspect during the trial but as you know were barred from making any references to a 3rd party suspect. Who were they going to name? James J Kennedy

Redditor boogiewoogie4 made a post about him:


James J Kennedy: named as alternative suspect by Defense in Denny motion.

James J Kennedy was named by Strang and Buting in the Defense ‘Statement on Third Party Responsibility’ (Jan 2007) which argued against the Denny ruling being applicable. (pp 15-16)


The full list of alternative suspects identified by, but not limited to, the Defense (p9) :

Andres F Martinez, Robert M Fabian Jnr, JAMES J KENNEDY, Scott Tadych, Charles Avery, Earl Avery, Bryan Dassey, Bobby Dassey, Brendan Dassey and Blaine Dassey.

The Jury Questionnaire (Jan 2007) also included James J Kennedy as on the list of possible witnesses due to testify ( p6) http://www.stevenaverycase.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Jury-Questionnaire.pdf

Kennedy did not appear on the Defense list of potential witnesses which Strang and Buting filed Dec 22 2006.


However, Kennedy did appear on the list of potential Prosecution witnesses filed Dec 20 2006 (p4)


In SA’s trial, the Prosecution, of course, only selected witnesses helpful to their case. Kennedy was not called by Kratz and so avoided rigorous cross-examination by Strang and Buting.

There is only one James J Kennedy in Wisconsin registered as an offender – living in the Manitowoc area. (I am not detailing his address although it is public domain information.)

Kennedy has a total of 9 convictions (1999) and life registration for 2nd degree sexual assault on a child, sexual exploitation of a child, soliciting a child for prostitution, exposing a child to harmful material, and possession of child pornography. Additional charges were dismissed.

Four or five months before Teresa Halbach disappeared, Kennedy was released from prison and a Special Bulletin Notification was issued to local law enforcement 05/04/2005. (offender.doc.state.wi.us)

“Special Bulletin Notification (SBN) is an active, written notification process whereby law enforcement officials, in the county and areas of the offender’s residence, employment or school enrollment, will receive detailed information from the DOC SORP on a specific offender prior to his/her scheduled release from confinement, or relocation to Wisconsin…The overall purpose of the SBN is to highlight those cases that may pose a significant risk to the community. The SBN provides notification to law enforcement officials”

No wonder Kratz et al thought better of calling him as a witness for the Prosecution.

So it is possible there were FOUR suspected sex offenders on site that Halloween afternoon at Avery Salvage in 2005: Steven Avery, Earl Avery, Chuck Avery – and James J Kennedy. What are the odds?

And that’s only the ones we know of…


Isn’t that interesting? It wasn’t going to be George Zipperer, Scott Tadych, Ryan Hillegas, Brandon J Mueller

What do you think, can James J Kennedy be the real murderer?

Remember – this post and every other post like it are just theories. They’re in no way actually naming these people as the real murderer.




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James J Kennedy
James J Kennedy
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