Get Rid Of Skunk Smell From You And Your Pet!

This is how to get rid of skunk smell from you and your dog or other pet that was unfortunately sprayed by the disgusting smelling pee of a skunk 🤮 – if you think you’re supposed to use tomato juice, you’re actually wrong!

If you wanted, you can go to Amazon or Walmart and buy some expensive spray to remove the skunk smell or you can try this very cheap and effective homemade solution and save your money!

I used to know a lady who LOVED the smell of skunk spray. I kid you not! I couldn’t believe it; but every time one would spray in the neighborhood, she would sniff the air right up. Oof. No thanks! 😂

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How to get rid of skunk smell on you and your pet!
How to get rid of skunk smell on you and your pet!

If you, your pet, property or other things get sprayed by a skunk, try this recipe and you’ll have awesome results getting that awful smell out! 

Good Luck!

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