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Was Gene Kusche The One Who Started It All?

Was Gene Kusche The One Who Started It All?

Here is a new theory that really hasn’t been talked about and it’s from Redditor /u/ Escvelocity and they think Gene Kusche was the one who started it all (the covering up by the cops).

To get you caught up, here is a theory that the Zipperers are the guilty party in the murder of Teresa Halbach.  So, this theory  goes further into detail and explains how Gene Kushe could be connected with this whole thing.


I have a very strong theory that should be followed up on with someone with more tools to investigate.

It follows the Zipperer theory; that the Zipperers were Teresa Halbachs last stop and that George Zipperer may have shot her. Motive for framing Steven for the murder would be strong enough, just based on the civil law suit Steven had against the county and Sherriff’s department. However, there may be an additional reason why they would want to frame Steven for the murder, and why they would have no problem covering for the Zipperers, if George did shoot her, and pinning it on Steven Avery & Brenden Dassey.

After Diana Shimek publicly stated that she was Jason Zipperers aunt and she knew Jason didn’t have anything to do with the murder, but she felt the Grandfather George Zipperer did, I started to do a little digging. I started digging because, while searching for information about Gene Kusche’s son for an unrelated matter, the last name Shimek came up frequently with my searches as in the following webpage.[1] 

So, I then looked into Susan/Sue Kusche-Shimek-Bruns and found this record and it shows Gene Kusche and Sue S Shimek in the same household in 2002.[2] Here it list the members of that household.[3] 

I then researched Bruns. I found Scholastica (Sally) Bruns’ Obituary. Nice information in there.[4] A couple of Vogels are her brother in Laws, it list Edwin Bruns as her son and Edwins wife Sue Bruns. Pretty positive Darrick Bruns is Darrick Kusche and is Gene’s Son and he now goes by Bruns. Why? I have a hunch that the Richard Vogel listed in her obituary might be Denis R. Vogel. Pretty sure Denis’ middle name is Richard. I could be wrong though. However, what struck me was that Edwin G Bruns is listed as Sue’s husband and Darrick is a grandchild.

So, I looked up Edwin G (Jerry) Bruns. Found out he lived in Manitowoc then moved to Florida.[5] I also found an Obituary for him.[6] 

The picture displayed for his obituary looks like a young Gene Kusche. See comparisons here.[7] You would only need to acquire a yearbook or some other picture of Gene as a young man to verify. There are some strong similarities between the pictures however. Such as the bottom lip crease, chin, eyes and eyebrows.

My theory is that Gene Kusche got the ball rolling framing Steven and Dassey, because George Zipperer shot her thinking she was trespassing. The Zipperers called Gene, because they knew him personally. Gene then contacted Lenk and Colburn, then it was all downhill from there. However, Steven retained excellent attorneys and threw a wrench into things by pushing the framing defense. Eugene Kusche panicked and went into hiding assuming the name of Edwin Bruns and moved to Florida, while everyone assumed he died of a heart attack February 4th 2007, Shortly before Steven’s trial. **edit fixed formatting


What do you think, was Gene Kusche the one who started it all? It’s pretty plausible but to me, I don’t think Eugene went into hiding in Florida but did really die of a heart attack. It’s a coincidence he died the day before Steven’s trail started though.




Gene Kusche
Gene Kusche
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One Reply to “Was Gene Kusche The One Who Started It All?”

  1. Julie

    Those are some interesting ideas. Whoever is involved in TH murder wants everyone to be as confused as possible. A lot of people including myself believe that Ryan Hilegas, Bobby Dassey, and Scott Tadych are also involved. Supposedly SA was not TH last stop, it was Zipperers. More and more things are coming out about this case. Yes, this theory of yours sounds very logical. Those of us who believe SA and BD are innocent want the truth. Hopefully, KZ will bring it all to light.

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