Easy To Peel Eggs – Every Time. Guaranteed!

Easy To Peel Eggs – Every Time. Guaranteed!

Do you want to have easy to peel eggs every time you cook them? Well, here is a tip that will do just that! Guaranteed!

Instead of boiling them – steam them. That’s it. For easy to peel eggs – steam them in a steamer basket and a large pot. 

It takes 13 minutes of steaming the eggs to reach the same texture and doneness of a hard boiled egg.

After the 13 minutes are up, take your steamer basket (or whatever you use to steam) and run the eggs under cold water for a minute or 2 until they’re cool enough to handle.

You don’t have to wait a certain amount of time to crack them – whenever you want one, go ahead and peel it – it’ll probably be the easiest egg you ever peeled before!

They don’t taste any different than regular boiled eggs and they have the same texture and consistency. You really won’t be able to tell the difference!

There you have it – to make easy to peel eggs every time all you have to do is steam them for 11 – 15 minutes (depending on your favorite level of doneness).

I’ve been eating plenty of eggs with my new no-sugar lifestyle and this tip has been a lifesaver!



Easy To Peel Eggs

Easy To Peel Eggs

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