Decision Denying Steven Avery a New Trial

Decision Denying Steven Avery A New Trial

Decision Denying Steven Avery A New Trial

Attached is the decision by Circuit Court Judge, Angela Sutkiewicz, denying Steven Avery a new trial. The ruling was rather unexpected and was released on Tuesday October 3, 2017.

Decision Denying Steven Avery A New Trial.pdf

For all of Steven Avery’s supporters, please do not allow this ruling to give you doubts in his innocence. Also, please don’t think that this is the end of the road because IT IS NOT! His lawyer, Kathleen Zellner is going to be filing a motion to vacate this judgment because she and the Wisconsin’s Attorney General have come to an agreement to allow further testing to be done on more evidence (mainly the Rav 4) and Kathleen also has more witnesses who came forward after she submitted her the original petition. She is going to amend the original petition with more scientific test results and witness statements.

Again, please do not allow this judgment to deter you or to make you think that Steven Avery will not be getting out of jail. Things like this happen in all cases and Kathleen saw it all before. She is a champion and she and Steven Avery WILL prevail. Just allow this to run its course and allow Kathleen to do her thing.

Yes, Steven Avery might not be getting a new trial yet, but that does not mean it’s the end of the road and Kathleen Zellner is done fighting for him. The fight continues and everybody should continue supporting Steven, his family and Kathleen & Co. Don’t give up hope. 

Stay positive and don’t give up hope! Everything is going to work out. Please remember, Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey ARE innocent and they will be set free.


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