Dear Guilters...

Dear Guilters…

Dear Guilters…

I am still in disbelief that there are still “guilters” out there. Guilters is referring to the people who still think Steven Avery is guilty of murdering Teresa Halbach. Even though the prosecutions theory can be blown away with counter evidence, the guilters still believe Steven Avery is guilty. SMH.

Well, I’m not the only one who is sick of the guilters still thinking Steven is guilty- Redditor¬†hos_gotta_eat_too¬†is tired of it too. They wrote out a very good summary rebutting the guilters reasons why Steven is guilty.


I keep seeing super_pickle’s list of things left out of the documentary quoted as reasons Avery is “guilty” to guilters, and I have never really tackled it…i got bored tonight, so here goes.

All blood vials have a hole in the top- it’s how the blood gets in

  • I have never felt the hole in the stopper was that big of a deal, until I had heard of the different needle gauges used with that particular tube. 18 gauge needles are the typical size needles professionals extracting blood would use, with the piercing being undetectable to the human eye, and this looks more like a 23 gauge needle was used. But a hole is a hole is a hole. 18 gauge or 23 gauge needle, the hole is there and I am apt to agree it’s from blood insertion. This does NOT however explain the coagulated blood surrounding the stopper, which 100% means the stopper was removed, by a non-professional. No one from Lab Corps would risk exposure to a subjects blood this way, and no one has made any type of an explanation on the stopper removal, because there IS no logical reason for it.

The evidence seal on the blood vial’s box was broken in a meeting with Avery’s own lawyers from his wrongful conviction suit

  • can you explain why Avery’s own lawyers would claim the planting defense, and make sure to include how open and unsecure the evidence room was, and how MCSD had a masterkey that opens the door to the evidence room, and make reference to the lawyers for Avery accessing the blood in 2002 for the Wisconsin Innocence Project to test his blood in 2002…no notations are made of how the box was closed, but guess who was in charge of the blood and signed the paperwork in 2002. Keeper of evidence James Lenk, so there is one person with access to his blood who KNEW exactly where his blood is, and had a know, since he was in charge of evidence. So the argument that his lawyers opened the box can go both ways. Did Avery’s lawyers forget to reseal it, or did the keep of evidence ‘forget’ to seal it (ie. used scotch tape on the box when he removed Avery’s blood to plant it).

The FBI did release a report stating the detection levels of their EDTA test EDTA testing had been greatly improved since it’s invention, and the test was reliable

  • I am going to ask you to source me any cases from OJ Simpson’s acquittal to Steven Avery’s conviction that shows where “EDTA” tests are “improved” since these are the only 2 cases through 2007 that had EDTA testing on blood stains. I also would like you to point out in the FBI report exactly where is says it’s “improved”?

The bullet with Teresa’s DNA on it was linked to Avery’s exact gun (pages 208-209), not just that model

  • everyone is quite convinced by now the bullet was found early on somewhere on the property, and contaminated with TH’s DNA, then returned to the property and “found” only AFTER Dassey had his coerced confession session. The bullet was containing DNA, but not blood or tissue DNA, only nucleated cell DNA (which could be blood, but they could not officially say it, and since they couldn’t say it, it couldn’t have been blood)..but “Teresa Halbach’s DNA” sounds just as incriminating, without explaining to the jury that to get non-blood nucleated DNA, Teresa would have had to spit on the bullet, masturbated with it, defecated on it, vomited on it or peed on it as it passed her..see my point..some liquid form of DNA would have had to be present on it. But the one liquid it wasn’t, was blood..because if I had heard her blood was anywhere near his property, I would be posting about his guilt more than you.

The process of crushing a car takes hours, requires a lot of preparations and is very noisy. Avery couldn’t have done it without his brothers, who managed the yard and knew what work was supposed to be done, noticing

  • This is your opinion only and nothing factual. The same argument can be made if anyone else is the killer, (Earl or Chuck)…just to say the car wasn’t crushed has no evidentiary value to whether Steven committed the murder or hid the car at all…with the same logic, you can easily point at anyone else on the property.

Lenk and Colborn were not named in Avery’s lawsuit, and the county was not being sued for $36 mil. Vogel and Kocourek, who had both retired, were named in the suit and being sued for the majority of the money

  • Lenk rose up through the ranks under Koucerek and Kusche said in his deposition he was demoted and Lenk was promoted, because he “lacked tact”…when asked what ‘tact’ meant, he described it as “the ability to smile at someone while you stab them in the back”..this is a sheriff’s deputy describing his boss. The same boss that was then retired but still in charge when Avery was imprisoned wrongfully, and he was being sued along with the DA (who hid Gregory Allan’s rap sheet so his previous sexual assault would not be discovered, linking him to the same beach Penny was attacked). The amount they were being sued for was $36 matter the amount given or settled for the amount filed for was $36 million. You can try to explain away that figure but it remains. It was and always will be a $36 million dollar lawsuit, even though he was forced to settle for $400k

It was Kocourek’s personal insurance that was refusing to cover his liability, not Manitowoc County’s

  • False. The county’s insurance had first crack at paying out for the lawsuit. Koucerek went to State Farm and asked and was denied after.

An underage female relative of Avery’s accused him of sexually assaulting her, but agreed to delay charges when the Halbach case took precedence.

  • The underage female relative was Earl Avery’s adopted daughter, not blood relative and based on her statement we have all now seen, it almost appears she is torn on accusing him of rape, and having feelings for him…so the accusation is truly hard to determine. But one thing it does, is give Earl Avery the motive to want to frame Steven (the same Earl who was riding in the golfcart with a cadaver dog hit, was around the conveyor belt with a cadaver dog hit, whose timeline doesn’t match Robert Fabian’s and who can’t remember if his kids went with him to the eyeglass store)…also, Earl is Kayla’s father, the same Kayla who told police Brendan saw “blood coming up from Avery’s garage concrete floor”..then recanted at Brendan’s trial when that information was not used against Steven but was used to send Brendan to prison instead. Sounds like a good frameup to me…oh yeah, and Earl has full access to the property to dump off items of evidence..and also hid under a pile of clothes when police came to test DNA. Remember all the crazy things Steven did to avoid the police…oh wait, he didn’t avoid them at all.

Teresa’s phone, camera, and PDA were found in a burn barrel on Avery’s property

  • dumped as part of the frame up.

Robert Fabian, a friend of Earl Avery’s, testified he smelled burning plastic and saw a fire coming from a burn barrel on October 31 (where Teresa’s electronics were found)

  • he was right there with Earl and others. No one else complained of a burning plastic smell but him. He was also riding with Earl in a golfcart with a hit by a cadaver dog, was by the conveyor that was hit by a cadaver dog, and was toting around a .22 to hunt rabbits on an afternoon where it was stated he arrived at 3 different times in statements.

Avery called Teresa twice on October 31, using *67 to hide his number. He called again at 4:35pm, this time not using *67. At this time, her phone was already off and had presumably been destroyed. Those were the only calls that day he used *67 when dialing.

  • there has been no Avery phone records prior to Oct. 31st that show if using *67 was a regular habit of his. Until those type of records are seen, you are making an assumption. Plus the first *67 was 8 seconds. The second one never hit her phone so she was completely unaware he had called. The 3rd without *67 was explained as a call for his mom to come back and photograph the flatbed (frontloader?).

Police records show Avery had a history of violence against women, including beating and strangling

  • can you source me police records from Nov. 11th-Oct. 31st please. Photographs of the violent after-effects? Otherwise, all hearsay. No police report, it’s hearsay. No conviction, it’s an allegation.

Avery states in the documentary Lori took his kids away from him. In fact, a judge issued a court order barring his kids from seeing him, saying “He has huge anger. He has real potential to harm people, and he’s not dealt with any of that.”

  • dick-move of Avery to write those letters to his now-ex-wife..but keep in mind, she wrote him letters previously taunting him. Stuck in prison, wrongfully, he wrote nasty letters. Shouldn’t have but he did. Still not evidence he committed a murder.

The DOJ Arson Bureau specialist testified that tires and the van seat used as accelerants in a fire could burn a body within a few hours

  • so you are going to believe that a van seat was able to accelerate a fire to a sustainable heat to destroy the bones as bad as they were. hmm maybe I should try to sell a bridge to you. The guy testified there was oily blackened residue around the burn area..but guess what. No evidence of accelerant on the bones themselves, nor tire residue.

The DOJ Arson Bureau specialist testified that Teresa’s bones were so entwined “inside the wire [of melted tires in Avery’s burn pit], deeply inside of it in some cases […] to the point where I actually had to, physically, pull apart the wire in order to get it there”

  • same guy also testified that the bones looked as if they were piled in the pit, and if that had happened, the bones would look the exact same, intertwined with the wires.

Kayla’s counselor testified Kayla specifically asked them if blood could seep up through concrete, before police knew anything about the garage as a possible crime scene

  • again, as I mentioned. Kayla is Earl’s kid. Earl had motive for framing Avery and had just as much access to the property for evidence disposal as Avery did.

The bullet was found on the first thorough search of the garage, and previously they had not even moved equipment out to search under it

  • that’s odd. I specifically remember the testimony being that they removed every single item from the garage to check for signs of foul play.

The key was found on the second search of the trailer; the previous entries the documentary claimed were “searches” were: a 10-minute sweep to look for any sign of Teresa alive, an entry to retrieve the guns seen on the initial sweep, an entry to get the serial number from Steven’s computer for use in a warrant, and the crime lab luminol testing the residence.

  • No matter what number of searches were done, it was the 7th breach of the property. It’s not like they were searching the Playboy mansion. It’s a small trailer, and if we are really resorting to making excuses why 2 sheriff’s deputies found what they exclaim to be a “key piece of evidence” on the 7th entry into the home, then there is something wrong with your ability to think logically.

It’s just mind boggling that people still think he is guilty. I don’t understand it. Even Dr. Drew interviewed Kratz and agreed with him that Steven is guilty… WHAT?!?!

I can not wait for Zellner to finally show the world the truth and shut these guilters up for good.



Dear Guilters...
Dear Guilters…
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