Conflict Of Interest

Conflict Of Interest

Conflict Of Interest

A conflict of interest may have occurred when Andy Colborn joined the investigation of Teresa’s murder.

Redditor Classic_Griswald explains how the relationship between Andy Colborn and Earl and Candy Avery could have been a conflict of interest:


Some of you are aware of Colborn’s relationship with Earl, it’s been stated in a few places there was a friendship there at one time. Earl, I think in a news interview, confirms this (but mentions it’s due more to his wife. Unaware where the wife part comes in from though, the news video is link below.)

I assumed originally, that Earl’s wife was probably friends with Colborn’s wife. It’s also possible Colborn was friends more so with Earl’s wife (Candy), though I don’t know if we can confirm that entirely. We know there’s a friendship between them in some respect though.

Keep it in mind.

Regardless, at the very least, Colborn and Candy are friends either directly or indirectly through the friendship to Earl.

Steven’s relationship with MA. However you want to frame the stuff going on between Steven and MA, that’s up to you. Wendy Baldwin, (the one who likes making jokes about framing Avery in evidence videos) investigated the case that never happened [before the murder case], and it’s her reports/interviews with MA that are in the CASO report.

A thread on Baldwin chasing down MA to try and document the relationship between her and Steven.[1] 

What might not be known by some is that MA is Candy’s daughter.

There is no blood relation to Steve. It was Candy’s daughter from another marriage or from wherever.

A thread on how Candy disliked Steven[2] 

To support that the relationship between Colborn and Earl and his wife was also Candy & Colborn:

Candy is quoted – News Article[3] :

“I know Colborn very well. I highly doubt Colborn planted anything.”


If Candy and Colborn are friends, and Candy hates Avery because of his relationship with her daughter… That is enough where an individual officer like Colborn should be pulling himself away from the case.

It’s also not established if he had stopped talking to Earl, but I think we can assume as much. Especially since Earl had criminal charges against him for videotaping the kids during a session while they were swimming.

It’s quite possible not only Colborn is no longer friends with Earl, but that he is still with Candy, or at least has feelings for her -compassion, whatever. Which might include feelings of disgust regarding Steven & Earl.

It raises some serious questions about Colborn’s need to inject himself into this case from the very early onset. It also raises questions about Kayla’s interaction with police and Earl’s inconsistent statements, and Fabian seemingly trying to incriminate Steven.

The whole thing is a mess. And I thought it was pretty odd such a large part of the investigation was dedicated to a past incident which was not even prosecuted, which does not even have any relation to TH’s disappearance.

In fact, if you take Chuck’s past, it’s way more similar to what happened to TH. Im not saying I personally think Chuck did it, but from the perspective of LEOs, Chuck was stalking a random girl who came into the shop. He has a history in that respect too. The girls are out of his league, and TH had been receiving similar attention, from who we don’t know.

The point though, is the information about Chuck, his MO, etc-is much closer to something that happened to TH, than Avery’s past indiscretions.

Also to note, Im not trying to make excuses for Avery. Up to you to frame him (no pun intended) how you want to after reading Baldwin’s reports. I think it’s obvious why they are such a big part of the investigation, and why the guilty-obsessed are also obsessed on the reports. The more you demonize Avery the harder it is for people to defend him, or even defend law & order in general. Attack the messenger and you kill the message.

The problem is we should not be happy with this. If he’s guilty of murder I want to see a case reflect that, showing evidence he committed the murder. Not that he’s a guy people are hoping is guilty.

The conflict of interest issue this raises with Colborn cannot be simply ignored or discounted. Especially when Colborn was present during the Key find, and injected himself into the case essentially before it even began. At the very least it ensures extreme bias, at worst its possible it influenced his actions. The extent of which we do not know.

Newscast program with an interview of Earl. It’s established around ~13:50 that he was friends with Colborn[4] 

“What bugs me the most, is that Colborn used to be my buddy and I don’t understand how he could do such a thing.”

-Earl Avery

Colborn alluding to the relationship between him and Earl/Candy.

Q. Tell the jury how you are familiar with that business.

A. I have been, personally, a customer of the Avery Auto Salvage business; as well as, I have had contacts there through with law enforcement. And I have children that are the same age as some of the owners of Avery Auto Salvage, so I had contact with them through the course of school events.

Page 69[5]

What do you think? Do you think Colborn should have stepped to the side when he realized the investigation was pointing towards the Avery’s? Did it cause a conflict of interest?



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Conflict Of Interest
Conflict Of Interest
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