Come to Terms with it 

Come to Terms with it to be Successful

Come to Terms with it

So, after reading about the no sugar lifestyle, you may have decided you’re going to start living it yourself. You’re probably asking yourself what’s next or you’re already taking the steps to live that lifestyle – first, I want to congratulate you for this big decision you have made, because it’s going to improve a lot of things about your life! However, I would like to throw caution to the wind and give you one big piece of advice that’ll help you be successful. That piece of advice is: Come to terms with it.

Come to terms with it – when I say that, I mean, you need to sit down and write out the different goals you want to achieve with this lifestyle (lose weight, get better blood results,  improve your overall health…etc), look up all the foods you’re allowed to eat and make a list of all the recipes you want to try and make another list for grocery shopping. And then, set a date as to when you’re going to quit. You have to give yourself at least a couple of days in order to come to terms with it.  You need to tell yourself about how hard it could be in the first couple of days. You have to tell yourself about all the delicious food that you once loved, will not be consumed anymore… YOU NEED TO COME TO TERMS WITH IT.

Binge eat on all the bad food that you won’t be able to eat. Go through your cupboards/fridge and start looking at the ingredients and identify which foods have sugar and which foods you’re allowed to eat once you start the lifestyle change. Keep doing research about the no sugar lifestyle and learn as much as you can and download any apps that may help you along the way. Just prepare for it and set a date as to when you’re going to start.

I know you’ve probably heard many times that you should start your diet today and not wait for tomorrow, but I don’t agree with that advice. I don’t agree with it because if you’re not prepared mentally, physically and emotionally, you’re going to fail. But if you come to terms with it and you give yourself a few days of preparing, then it’ll be much easier and you’ll be much more successful.

The benefits of a sugar free diet are amazing!

You’re going to benefit greatly from the no sugar lifestyle; however, you have to be ready to  fight your cravings and urges and you have to be determined to keep going. If you falter at any time,  just pick yourself up and keep going. As long as you’re determined to do it and you understand the hardships you may endure, you’ll be ok!

So again, congrats on starting the no sugar lifestyle and it’s going to be amazing. Just make sure you come to terms with it so that you’re prepared for it mentally, physically and emotionally.



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