18 Cheese Fun Facts

Here Are 18 Cheese Fun Facts

Who doesn’t love cheese?!? And most of all, who doesn’t love cheese fun facts?!? You can start impressing all the people in your life with these 18 Cheese Fun Facts! 

I mean, come on, don’t act like you’re not intrigued by cheese facts… 

Cheese Fun Fact #1: The FDA mandates that the “eyes” of Swiss Cheese sold in the USA must be between 3/8 and 3/16 of an inch in diameter!

This was because the new cheese slicing equipment was tearing large-eyed Swiss apart

Cheese Fun Fact #2: Mozzarella Cheese is the most consumed cheese in the world!

It’s primarily because of Pizza

Cheese Fun Fact #3: It takes 10 pounds of milk to make 1 pound of whole milk cheese 

Cheese Fun Fact #4: The majority of us here are turophile’s

We’re cheese lovers! Turophile comes from the Greek words tyros (cheese) and philos (lover)

Cheese Fun Fact #5: Macaroni and Cheese is the most popular cheese recipe in the United States

I think everybody loves macaroni and cheese!

Cheese Fun Fact #6: There are over 2,000 varieties of cheese

It would take over 5 years to try one new variety a day (I believe my math is correct!)

Cheese Fun Fact #7: Pizza Hut uses over 300 million pounds of cheese per year

That takes a lot of milk! 

Cheese Fun Fact #8: Idaho doesn’t only produce potatoes- they’re 3rd in the US for producing cheese per year (770.6 million pounds)

Wisconsin is #1 (more than 2.4 billion pounds) and California is #2 (2.1 billion pounds)

Cheese Fun Fact #9: Archeologists show that cheese was being made before 6000 B.C.

Fun Fact #10: Colby, Jack and Brick are the only cheeses which are native to the US 

All other types of cheese are molded after ones that were brought from other countries

Cheese Fun Fact #11: There is only one remaining cheese factory in the US that makes Limburger cheese (stinky cheese)

It’s in Monroe, Wisconsin

Cheese Fun Fact #12: In 1958 packaged shredded cheese was introduced by The Sargento Cheese Company in Plymouth, Wisconsin 

They introduced the resealable bag in 1986

Cheese Fun Fact #13: Maytag Dairy Farms was founded by the same family that manufactures home appliances

They’re originally from Iowa and they’re famous for their Blue Cheese

Cheese Fun Fact #14: Processed cheese (Singles) can not be sold as “cheese” 

The FDA regulates how cheese can be labeled depending on their ingredients, moisture content and milk fat. 

If it contains 100% cheese, it can be labeled “Pasteurized process cheese”

If it contains at least 51% of cheese, it must be labeled “Pasteurized process cheese food” 

If it contains less than 51% of cheese, it must be labeled “Pasteurized process cheese product”

Cheese Fun Fact #15: In the US, the average person eats about 30lbs of cheese per year

France is #1 at 45lbs per person per year

Cheese Fun Fact #16: Cheesemonger is the name given to a person who sells cheese as a profession

A Monger is a dealer or broker

Cheese Fun Fact #17: The only difference between mild and sharp cheddar is the length of aging

Mild is usually aged for 2-3 months and Extra Sharp can be for a year or so

Cheese Fun Fact #18: Most cheese is lactose free

Lactose is removed naturally through the curing process

There you have it – 18 Cheese fun facts that you may or may not have known, but now you can go and impress your family and friends… or not… 



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