Carmen Boutwell Update

A Long and Overdue Carmen Boutwell Update

A Long and Overdue Carmen Boutwell Update

Hi all! This post is for a Carmen Boutwell update. It’s long overdue and there is some misinformation that I need to correct and I want to help put some of the rumors going around about Carmen to rest. I’m gonna make it short and sweet.

This past summer, I had the pleasure of speaking with Carmen’s mom and brother a couple of times and they offered a lot of information to me and a couple of other people (one of them is Michael Ryan- Twitter and Facebook) who are researching this case. They spoke to us freely and didn’t hold anything back. They weren’t even aware that Carmen’s name was being discussed in different theories. They wanted to set the record straight and I’m going to help do that.

I’m not going to give out a lot of information because it is personal and I just want to set the record straight on some of the bigger misconceptions and rumors that are out there. I also don’t want to jeopardize any investigations.

  • Carmen’s mom and dad paid for her funeral and cremation. There were a lot of rumors going around saying that Manitowoc County paid for these services, but that is far from the truth. Carmen’s dad did whatever he could to pay for his daughters funeral
  • Carmen was a drug user but she was not into hard drugs. Her drug of choice was marijuana and alcohol. She wasn’t a junkie.
  • Carmen was not pretending to be Teresa on 10/31 (or anytime for that matter). There are theories floating around about Carmen posing as Teresa on 10/31 because everybody knew Teresa was already dead but they needed her to be ‘alive’ in order to put her at Steven’s property that day. Carmen was at home/school during key times on 10/31
  • Carmen was found by her grandmother the morning after her death (11/3). Carmen and her friend were hanging out the night before, at Carmen’s house. Her friend was still there in the morning when her grandmother went into the house and found Carmen unresponsive.

Carmen’s mom and brother offered a lot more information pertaining to Carmen, but I will not be publishing that information for a number of reasons.

One thing that I will say – there are a couple of oddities with the way the state handled this case and how long it took for Carmen to be cremated.

Do I think the state used Carmen to frame Steve Avery? I’d say there’s a chance. I don’t know in what capacity, but there’s a chance, that somehow, Carmen was used in the framing of Steven Avery.

Or everything could be a coincidence and there’s nothing further to see here.

But I do know that Kathleen Zellner is fully aware of Carmen, and I’m sure she did her own investigation into it, but nobody knows if anything has come of it – only time will tell.

Again, I know this update is long overdue; I had it drafted but I wanted to find the right time to post it. Hopefully now it’ll put the rumors to bed.

This post was originally posted on October 6, 2016 and has been updated a couple of times since.


Carmen Boutwell Update Carmen Boutwell Update
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3 Replies to “A Long and Overdue Carmen Boutwell Update”

  1. Scooter

    So you said in this write up that Carmen was at home or school at key times on 10/31/2005. Then you say that her Grandmother found her the next morning. That would be 11/1. Yet her obituary and various newspaper articles claim her date of death was 11/3. Can you clarify this please? Was this a typo or was she indeed found dead on 11/1/2005?

  2. Gary

    So you know that she was cremated by the state and say that it took unusually long, so what date was her body cremated on? Does it coincide with the day they found bones?

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