Brendan's First Interview Transcript

Brendan’s First Interview Transcript

Brendan’s First Interview Transcript

Below is the transcript from Brendan’s first interview with detectives O’Neill and Baldwin.

Redditor Whitevorpal took the time to transcribe the whole interview and did an awesome job with it.

Brendan’s First Interview Transcript:






Brendan Dassey Nov 6, 2005 – Full Interview.

DET. O’NEILL: Okay. Brendan uh, your last name is Dassey, D A S S E Y?


DET. O’NEILL: And your initial is R? What’s your middle name?

BRENDAN: My middle name?



DET. O’NEILL: Okay, and you live at 12930 Avery Road Number A, Two Rivers, Wisconsin. And your date of birth is 10/19 of 89. So you just turned 16 years old? Okay. You understand you are not under arrest and you’re free to leave at any time, and ya know, we just want to ask you some questions concerning what, we talked to everybody else but we haven’t talked to you two, okay? Last Monday, now you live with your Mom Barb right? Barb is Steve’s sister, Chuck’s sister an-and Earl’s sister right? Last Monday, Do you remember seeing this girl at all?

BRENDAN: I was at school.

DET. O’NEILL: You were at school until 3 o.clock?

BRENDAN: and the bus drive is 45 minutes.

DET. O’NEILL: Okay. After school you come home, did you see Steve at all?

BRENDAN: uh-uh

DET. O’NEILL: Do you know what he was doing or where he was or anything like that?

BRENDAN: He was working?

DET. O’NEILL: Where was he working?

BRENDAN: At the, Avery Auto Salvage.

DET. O’NEILL: So he was down at the garage or shed, do you know that for sure? Or do you…. Because he tells us he was in his house.

BRENDAN: Well he went down there to get some cords for his Mom.

DET. O’NEILL: Some what?

BRENDAN: Some cords for the TV.

DET. O’NEILL: Okay on Monday? Tell me about that, w-what’s the story behind that?

BRENDAN: Cuz he gave, he was getting a new TV with uh direct TV and he gave her his old one. So um he went back cuz he forgot the cords for it, and he gave it to her.

DET. O’NEILL: And, this was on Monday?

BRENDAN: That’s what I think.

DET. O’NEILL: Okay, Halloween was Monday remember that? So knowing that was Halloween, does that help you at all?

BRENDAN: uh-uh.

DET. O’NEILL: So you’re not certain it was Monday? Have they talked about, I mean have you guys talked about this whole thing at all, as far as what you think might have happened? What do you think happened?

BRENDAN: I don’t know.

DET. O’NEILL: You ever see this girl before?

BRENDAN: No, I just knew about it on Thursday because my Mom called me and told me to turn on channel 11.

DET. O’NEILL: Mm hmm, Did you ever see her vehicle though?

BRENDAN: uh uh

DET. O’NEILL: Never from before or even now or anything like that. So you know nothing about this at all? Do you know about that van that your Ma was trying to sell? Who was trying to sell that, your Mom or Steve?


DET. O’NEILL: How does she do that, are you familiar with how she does that?

DET. O’NEILL: Do you know if uh, were there any problems that you know of down in the yard, where somebody might have been back there some night, last week?

BRENDAN: Just when we seen them hi, them uh headlights and taillights

DET. O’NEILL: Who saw headlights and taillights?

BRENDAN: Well ah Steven seen tail lights ah Thursday night, then he turned back and he went to go see if they were still there and they weren’t . And Friday when me and Chuckie were leaving to come up here we seen headlights by his house.

DET. O’NEILL: So you guys called down to Steve? Did Chuck get a hold of Steve right away or no?


DET. O’NEILL: So right as soon as he called him, how many times did he call him?


DET. O’NEILL: And then did Steve call back

DET. O’NEILL: How soon after Chuck called him did Steve call back?

BRENDAN: About 10 minutes

DET. O’NEILL: Okay and What did Steve tell him, do you know? Okay.

Det. Baldwin:   Where were the, where did you see the headlights that night?

BRENDAN: I didn’t see them Chuckie did.

Det. Baldwin: I thought you came up with Chuck?

BRENDAN: I came up with him but he seen them.

Det. Baldwin: He seen them, you never seen them? Okay. Did he tell ya about where they were? over by the compacter? He just called Steve and said hey there’s headlight back, he didn’t say where.

BRENDAN: Well he got out (unclear dialogue)

Det. Baldwin: Okay where were you about?

BRENDAN: Like a little past the mailbox.

Det. Baldwin: . So what’s the…I’m not positive on the layout. But is that Chuck’s house is up at the top at the front, or on Avery road there?

BRENDAN: yeah, you just go straight

Det. Baldwin: If you keep going straight past there, down towards where the Compactor is and stuff?

Det. Baldwin: . So he went over there and didn’t see anything. Okay. And then he called Steve, told Steve to go check on it?

Det. Baldwin: . I didn’t hear. Did he tell Steve, what’d he tell Steve to do?

BRENDAN: To go and check down there.

Det. Baldwin: . Okay.

Det. O’Neill: Do you know of anybody else target practicing down at the ah pit at all?

BRENDAN: Hunting rabbits that’s it

Det. O’Neill: When was that?

BRENDAN: I don’t know what day but Earl and his uh friend was down there hunting for rabbits.

Det. O’Neill: Last week?

DET. O’NEILL: You’re sure?

BRENDAN: It was like Thursday or Wednesday.

DET. O’NEILL: Who’s his friend?

BRENDAN: Bob Fabian.

DET. O’NEILL: Did you see them down there hunting or just heard they were down there hunting?

BRENDAN: I just heard it from Grandma

DET. O’NEILL: Okay. So they were down the yard hunting for rabbits? What about a car…. deer, a deer that was out, hit by a car?

BRENDAN: Yeah my brother claimed it

DET. O’NEILL: Okay so someone hit , you went out with…

Det. Baldwin: this brother?


DET. O’NEILL: Bobby. And then that deer was that cleaned some place, where was that cleaned out at?

BRENDAN: Right where it was hit

DET. O’NEILL: So it was gutted out there? And then where was it brought to?

BRENDAN: I don’t know, that’s all I heard.

DET. O’NEILL: Okay, so it wasn’t done in your garage was it? You don’t know? Okay.

Det. Baldwin: Does Bobby live with ya? At your Ma’s house

DET. O’NEILL: You didn’t see the deer or nothing? Di-not, it’s not in the freezer or nothing?

BRENDAN: We were going on the highway up here, and Steven was uh, Chuckie was listening to the monitor and he heard about it. He was going to call for it but…

DET. O’NEILL: Radio. Sorry I can’t see you. Alright

Det. Baldwin: So when was it when the deer was hit?


Det. Baldwin: . Friday it was. Okay. So Friday you were on your way up so you wouldn’t have seen the deer?

Det. Baldwin: Okay. Have you talked to your Mom at all? You haven’t talked to your other brother?

BRENDAN: Bobby? No.

Det. Baldwin: . Since you been up here?

BRENDAN: I don’t got a cell phone.

DET. O’NEILL: Did Bobby ever say anything about seeing her that, Monday?

Det. Baldwin: No? What happened to your nose man?

BRENDAN: I got scratched by a dog.

Det. Baldwin: . What dog?

BRENDAN: My brother’s Bobby. A little black one.

Det. Baldwin: . A little black one? A mutt? Yeah? When did that happen?

BEEP Door open – O’Neil leaves

BRENDAN: Thursday night.

DET. BALDWIN: Thursday night.

BRENDAN: I was watching TV an the dog came up to me and scratched me.

Det Baldwin: OK

BRENDAN: Because she likes to play.


BRENDAN: He paid $450 dollars for it

DET. BALDWIN: $450 dollars, what the hell is it?

BRENDAN: A dog that uh for goose hunting

DET. BALDWIN: Like a lab?

DET. BALDWIN: So, obviously you’ve been hearing what’s going on huh? What’s anybody saying, at your place?

BRENDAN: Only about, that he didn’t do it.

DET. BALDWIN: Okay. How do you think that car got there?

BRENDAN: Someone probably planted it.

DET. BALDWIN: Someone planted it you think? Or is that what they’re thinking?

BRENDAN: That’s what everybody’s thinking.

DET. BALDWIN: Thats what everybody’s thinking, everybody in the family. Okay.

DET. BALDWIN: That was your Mom’s van. Does your Mom know about… was she the one who wanted to sell that?

DET. BALDWIN: So she told your uncle Steve, she wanted to sell it.


DET. BALDWIN: And what did he say to her, I’ll take care of it or…


BRENDAN: Cuz she had to work on Monday.

DET. BALDWIN: So she had to work on Monday, so Steve said he’d take care of it for her?

DET. BALDWIN: Now did she call Autotrader, or did Steve?

BRENDAN: That I don’t know.

DET. BALDWIN: You don’t know?

DET. BALDWIN: You didn’t ah, what time did you get home from school on ah Monday

BRENDAN: 3:45 I think.

DET. BALDWIN: 3:45, and you remember Monday quite well? Why do you remember it, just because you know what you did on Monday?

BRENDAN: well I was just sitting around playing games

DET. BALDWIN: After school, what were you playing?

BRENDAN: Playstation 2

Playstation 3, you gotta particular game you like?

BRENDAN: Um well Blaine just bought one, and it’s called American Chopper

DET. BALDWIN: Who’s Blaine

BRENDAN: My other brother thats got a….

Det. Baldwin: Oh your fourth brother. How old is he?

BRENDAN: He’s a little older than me.

Det. Baldwin: So you’re about the same age?

BRENDAN: He’ll turn 17 in December 3rd

Det. Baldwin: Okay. Um, so Blaine just bought a new game on Monday was it?

BRENDAN: Sometime this weekend or this week

DET. BALDWIN: Sometime during the week, but you don’t remember if it was Monday or not?

DET. BALDWIN: Okay. So you don’t really recall what you did on Monday, you just know you got home from school at 3:45. Do you remember, did you have dinner up by your Grandma?


DET. BALDWIN: Did she have dinner that night or something?

BRENDAN: Yah, but I had dinner?

Det. Baldwin: No, but did Your Grandma have people over for dinner that night?

BRENDAN: I don’t think.

Det. Baldwin: Not your, not your family, but not your uncle either? You’re Grandpa wasn’t home last Monday.

BRENDAN: He comes home on Tuesdays and leaves on Thursdays to come up here

Det. Baldwin: Okay so he pretty much is up here all the time Why did you guys decide to come up North?

BRENDAN: I was helpin Chuckie

DET. BALDWIN: Whats he doin?

BRENDAN: Gettin’ wood

DET. BALDWIN: Gettin’ ah firewood?

DET. BALDWIN: So you guy’s were gonna cut wood this weekend?

DET. BALDWIN: Alright. You worked at the Auto Salvage at all? You don’t?

BRENDAN: I worked there a little bit but that was just to get some wood… cuz we were ah cuz we were gonna have a bonfire on Thursday.

Det. Baldwin: You were gonna have a bonfire on Thursday? On this past Thursday, or on this Thursday coming up?

BRENDAN: This Thursday, it was last week

Det. Baldwin: Last week Thursday you were going to have a bonfire? Where?

BRENDAN: I was gonna invite some friends from school

DET. BALDWIN: Did you have that bonfire? Why not?

BRENDAN: Cuz my Mom was pissed off at Steven.

Det. Baldwin: Why?

BRENDAN: Cause he said that we weren’t gonna graduate from school and there we’re gonna be failures.

Det. Baldwin: Okay. When did he say that?

BRENDAN: Tuesday.

Det. Baldwin: Tuesday he said that to her, why did he, why did they get in that fight

BRENDAN: I don’t know

Det. Baldwin: You don’t know. You don’t know what started it? Do you like your uncle?


Det. Baldwin: Steven? Well why would he say something like that about you?

BRENDAN: I don’t know.

Det. Baldwin: So your aunt or your Mom was pissed off at Steven for saying that on Tuesday, so you guy’s couldn’t have a bonfire on Thursday?


Det. Baldwin: Why?

BRENDAN: She wouldn’t let us see him for.. then She went up there to settle it and then on Thursday night, and then we weren’t gonna have the bonfire.

Det. Baldwin: She went, what do you mean by she went up there to settle it?

BRENDAN: To figure stuff out.

Det. Baldwin: I guess I still don’t undersand. What were they settling?

BRENDAN: I don’t know. That’s all I know

DET. BALDWIN: That’s all you know, is that they/she went up to settle something? To his house?


Det. Baldwin: And she wouldn’t allow you to have the bonfire? And your Mom doesn’t know anything about this woman either, didn’t hear anything about her?

BRENDAN: mm uh.

Det. Baldwin: Been missing. I mean you guy’s obviously heard about it on TV before

BRENDAN: Yeah Thursday

Det. Baldwin: they found her vehichle?


Det. Baldwin: That th… when did they find the vehicle?

BRENDAN: I think it was Friday or…or Saturday.

DET. BALDWIN: Friday or Saturday and you, but you heard about it on TV on Thursday? Okay.

BRENDAN: That she was missing

DET. BALDWIN: All Right. Did ya, was your uncle on TV when you watched it, when you found out about her missin’?


Det. Baldwin: No? So what did they say about that?


DET. BALDWIN: I’ll just get catch you up to speed. They’re gonna have….. where were you……. Now, you said you were working up by the sheds or somethin’, to get wood for a bonfire on Thursday? Um but um, his Mom wouldn’t let em have a bonfire on Thursday night because Steven pissed her off by tellin’ her…. or they got into some kind of fight right, she wanted to settle it on Thursday, with Steven and she wouldn’t allow them to have a bonfire.

Conversation between O’NEIL & DET. DEGNITZ:

Did we get some kind of memo that if its in the inside its supposed to have the battery disconnected?

Yeah, I wouldn’t its glove up, thats all.

Yeah all right.

Before he uh lets it totally lose, give it a hi, a high look.   Give it a high look, underneath.

Make sure there’s no parts under there?


Okay. I thought you were gonna crawl under it.

(Laughing) Huh yeah.

Back to interview with BRENDAN: :

DET. O’NEILL: So there was an argument between Steve and Grandma?


Det. O’Neill: No Mom, Steve and Mom? Your Mom?

BRENDAN: mm hmm

DET. O’NEILL: On Thursday?


DET. O’NEIL:: This was Tuesday right?


DET. O’NEILL: What was the argument about, do you know?


DET. BALDWIN: I thought you said it was because you wouldn’’t amount to anything, or was that just part of it?

BRENDAN: But….. when they were arguing Steven brought up that me and Blaine weren’t gonna graduate from school.

DET. BALDWIN: Okay. You don’t know what they were arguing about, that your Ma never said?


DET. O’NEILL: Did it involve you guys or did it involve Steve and your Mom only? (unclear dialogue outside) And they said you couldn’t have a bonfire on Tuesday?

DET. BALDWIN: Thursday.

DET. O’NEILL: Where were you gonna hold the bonfire?

BRENDAN: In his back yard

DET. BALDWIN: Steve’s back yard?

DET. BALDWIN: Okay. Does Steve ever drive theah.. or do you guy’s ever drive the golf cart, your Grandma’s golf cart?

DET. BALDWIN: You never drive it?

BRENDAN: She won’t let me drive it.

DET. BALDWIN: She wont let you drive it. Does anybody else get to drive it?

BRENDAN: She drives it all the time.

DET. BALDWIN: Yeah right, she drives it but does anybody else drive it?

DET. BALDWIN: Ya never seen anybody else take it anywhere?

DET O’NEIL: We oughta get them back, get them back to the cabin and talk (unclear) there.

DET. BALDWIN: . Anything else you wanna ask him?

(Beep: door opens O’Neil leaves)

DET. BALDWIN:  Alright, what we’re gonna do is just take you guy’s back to the cabin okay. How old’s your older brother here?


DET. BALDWIN:  He’s Twenty. Does he live at home yet? Wh-who was home at your house on Monday?

BRENDAN: Just Bobby.

DET. BALDWIN:  Just Bobby was home? And what… how long was he home?

BRENDAN: Till three I think.


BRENDAN: Then he went huntin’.

DET. BALDWIN: Bow huntin’ or?

BRENDAN: Goose hunting

DET. BALDWIN: Goose hunting.

BRENDAN: With his friend?

DET. BALDWIN: With what?

BRENDAN: With his friend?

DET. BALDWIN: With his friend. What’s his friends name?

BRENDAN: Mike Osmundson

DET. BALDWIN: Mike Osmundson. Um, did he say anything about seeing this girl?


DET. BALDWIN: Does Mike work? He does? Where does he work?

BRENDAN: I don’t know.

Det. BALDWIN: Or not Mike your brother, Bobby?

BRENDAN: I don’t know the name but..

DET. O’NEILL: You take the bus to school? Where’s it drop you off?

BRENDAN: Right by the mail boxes.

DET. O’NEILL: On the road? You get dropped off from school on Monday, you walk down the driveway and go home right? Was that green Toyota vehicle by your house?

BRENDAN: (loud radio and can’t hear dialogue)

DET. O’NEILL: You’re sure?


BRENDAN: (unclear dialogue)

DET. BALDWIN: Okay, so Bobby’s at home. What..what… hours does he work?

BRENDAN: Third shift

DET. BALDWIN: Ah so he doesn’t usually wake up until the afternoon or somethin’?

DET. BALDWIN:  So when he wakes up he gets ready to go Goose hunting at 3?


DET. BALDWIN: He sa…. He told you he went at 3, or did you see him go? Oh no you were at school yet. He told you he went at 3?

BRENDAN: He always does that every day.

DET. BALDWIN:  Everyday he goes at 3 o’clock Goose hunting.


DET. BALDWIN: Did he get any Geese that night?

BRENDAN: I don’t think

DET. BALDWIN:  No? So, him and the same guy go Goose hunting every Thurs… or every night?

BRENDAN: Yeah and Mike’s brothers

DET. BALDWIN:   Mike.. and Mike’s brothers okay. And he seen her vehicle there, when he left he said?

BRENDAN: I don’t know

DET. BALDWIN:   You don’t know. Sigh.


DET. O’NEIL Okay, it’s not too often that somebody is standing by your house, by the field taking pictures of a van. You got dropped off at school. How many other people were on that school bus?

BRENDAN: About 50, 60.

DET. O’NEIL Plus the school bus driver right?


BRENDAN: And when you are dropped off its such an event, that someones standing in your field taking a picture of that van, that you remember that too don’t you? Bus driver remembers it. Kids on the school bus remember it, the girl taking pictures, you remember that?

BRENDAN: Well I wasn’t lookin’ at the….


BRENDAN: I wasn’t looking in the field.

DET. O’NEIL You got off that bus and started walkin’ toward your house.

BRENDAN: Well, sometimes I’m talkin’ to Blaine.

DET. O’NEIL Yeah. You remember that girl taking that picture. You’re getting off the bus its a beautiful day, its daylight and everybody sees her, you do too. Do you remember seeing that girl standing there taking a picture?

Maybe. I don’t know. I don’t remember.

DET. BALDWIN:   Brendan, come on.

DET. O’NEILL: You do know don’t you? Brendan, you’re not going to disappoint any of us. Think about that girl, was that girl standing there taking a picture that day?

BRENDAN: I don’t believe

DET. O’NEILL: Ah, It’s either yes or no. I mean I’m not puttin’ nothin’ in your mind. You tell me if you remember that girl standing there taking a picture?


DET. O’NEILL: Was she?

BRENDAN: I don’t know

DET. O’NEILL: Huh? Why wont you tell me Brendan?

BRENDAN: Cuz I was just trying to think of if I’d seen her……..

DET. O’NEILL: Well, did you see her standing there taking a picture?


DET. O’NEILL: Why didn’t you tell me that. Are you scared?




DET. O’NEILL: Why are you scared about saying that that girl took that picture? Now did you see her standing there taking a picture when you got off that bus?


DET. O’NEILL: Okay, what day was that?


DET. O’NEILL: And what time did you get off the bus?


DET. O’NEILL: What was she taking a picture of?

BRENDAN: The van.

DET. O’NEILL: Was her vehicle there too? What happened to that girl?

BRENDAN: She left.

DET. O’NEILL: She didn’t leave. What happened to that girl?

BRENDAN: Well she was…. sh- she stayed there 5 minutes then she left.

DET. O’NEILL: No that’s what you are being told to say.

DET. BALDWIN: Brendan.

DET. O’NEILL: what happened to that girl?

BRENDAN: I don’t know nothing, thats all I know

DET: BALDWIN: Brendan? What happened to the girl Brendan: ?

BRENDAN: What do you think he did it?

DET: O’NEILL: Shouting – What hap

DET. BALDWIN: What happened to the girl?

BRENDAN: I don’t know, thats all I know.

DET. O’NEILL: So you get off the bus, you walk down the driveway, she’s still there right? You see her don’t you?


DET. O’NEILL: Who else is out with you?


DET. O’NEILL: Who else?

BRENDAN: That’s it, thats all who goes to school.

DET. O’NEILL: Who’s out with her?

BRENDAN: Steven.

DET. O’NEILL: And what’s he doing?

BRENDAN: Talking to her, seein’ how much he wants for it.

DET. O’NEILL: How much what?

BRENDAN: how much money he wants for it.

DET. O’NEILL: Okay. Do you guys stop and talk to her too.

BRENDAN: No, we just went in our house.

DET. O’NEILL: And, Steve stayed there with her?

BRENDAN: For a little bit then she left.

DET. O’NEILL: Now, is that what you saw or is that what you’re being told to say?

BRENDAN: That’s what I saw. She went out the driveway and then she turned left?

DET. BALDWIN: Now you just asked me a question Brendan, do you think he did it?



DET. BALDWIN No you just asked me that question. Why would you ask me that? Did what?

BRENDAN: That he raped her, or whatever.

DET. BALDWIN: That he raped her? Did she go into his house Brendan?


DET. BALDWIN: Did she go into your house? Brendan? Did she go into your house?


DET. BALDWIN Where is she?

BRENDAN: I don’t know.

DET. BALDWIN: Brendan you’re not tellin’ me something.

BRENDAN: She never came in my house.

DET. BALDWIN: Okay. where is she?


DET. BALDWIN: Brendan, listen this girl’s got a family okay, they’re really concerned that something happened that shouldn’t have happened.


BRENDAN: I don’t know anything.

DET. BALDWIN Well, why are you lying to me about this?

BRENDAN: I ain’t.

DET. BALDWIN: What do you mean, you aint?

BRENDAN: I don’t know where she is right now. Maybe she ran off with her friends?

DET. BALDWIN: Why is her vehicle on your land?

BRENDAN: Cause someone put it there, like a family member trying to get Steven in trouble.

DET. BALDWIN: Like another family member?

BRENDAN: Or maybe the old police officer, the one who put him in jail last time

DET. BALDWIN: Who’s fingerprints do you think we are gonna find in the van or in that truck of hers?

BRENDAN: I don’t know


DET. BALDWIN: Are your fingerprints gonna be in there? Blaines?

BRENDAN: I never went near her car.

DET. BALDWIN: You never went near her car? Brendan, now you just told me that a family member might have put that truck there to frame Steven. Right?

BRENDAN: Yeah her family.

DET. BALDWIN: Her family. Why in the hell would her family do that?

BRENDAN: Cuz he might get like 36 million dollars for….

DET. BALDWIN Why would her family care about that?

BRENDAN: I don’t know maybe it was a setup

DET. O’NEILL: Let’s back up a little bit. When we were asking you about that school bus, why in your mind did you not want to tell us about seeing her? Let’s start with that, why did you not want to tell us that?

BRENDAN: Because I had to think about it, if I seen her or not, cuz it was like a week ago and I got a bad memory.

DET. O’NEILL: Okay but that Monday you’re tellin’ us that you saw her when you got off the school bus. And you and Blaine talked about that too right?


DET. O’NEILL: What’d you guys say when you talked about it?

BRENDAN: We were… gonna, we were a-a – after they were done we were gonna see how much Steven was gonna sell it for, but we were sayin’ that we were gonna leave them alone and that.

DET. O’NEILL: Why were you gonna leave em alone?

DET. BALDWIN: Brendan, okay, just tell the truth okay?

BRENDAN: I am (unclear dialogue)

DET. BALDWIN: Sigh. We’re gonna talk to Blaine too, don’t worry about that

DET. O’NEILL: That truck did not leave the place, that truck did not go out the driveway and take a left.

DET. BALDWIN: Brendan, what happened?

BRENDAN: I’m sayin’ that’s what happened.

DET. O’NEILL: How soon after you got off the bus did that vehicle leave?

BRENDAN: 5 minutes. It takes us like 5 minutes to walk down the road.

DET. O’NEIL:. So when you’re walking down the road is she leavin’?


DET. O’NEILL: Or when you’re in the house, does she leave?

BRENDAN: When we’re right by his, his trailer that he’s gonna move into. The one that’s on the side of the road. Cuz we had to move on the side of the road so she could pass.

DET. O’NEIL:. So you had to walk on the side of the road so she could pass by you, and you’re absolutely sure she was driving that truck?

BRENDAN: Uh huh.

DET. BALDWIN: You just got done telling us Brendan, that she was all taking pictures when you got there.

BRENDAN: Yeah that’s what we seen.

DET. BALDWIN: No, no, no, no, when you got to your house, you went in and she still didn’t leave for 5 minutes you said, that’s what you said. Now you’re saying she was driving out when you were walking in.


DET. BALDWIN: Brendan I know you’re scared okay. I understand that alright. I want to try to help you okay.

BRENDAN: Yeah, what, take Steven away from me?


BRENDAN: Like 18 years again.

DET. BALDWIN: No. Okay. I don’t want that to happen, but I gotta know the truth?

BRENDAN: It is the truth.

DET. BALDWIN: Bottom line is, we don’t want that to happen, and thats why we gotta do this thoroughly and you can’t hide things okay?   Cause if things don’t make sense we can’t stop our investigation, do you understand that? And, what you’re telling us isn’t making sense. Now, I don’t want you to get caught up in something you don’t deserve to be caught up in okay? You’re a young man, you got a long life ahead of you okay. And I understand that maybe you don’t trust the police okay, but I’m here to tell ya, I don’t want to get things wrong okay. We’re trying to make sure that that doesn’t happen. You understand?

BRENDAN: Yeah, but everybody thinks that Steven was the last person that she seen.

DET. BALDWIN: I don’t, no we’re assuming that she was the last, that was the last person that she was scheduled… she was scheduled to go see other people after him and she never made it to those other ones okay.

BRENDAN: Well I heard that someone said that she went to Green Bay to see someone.

DET. BALDWIN: No, that was her next scheduled stop, and she never made it that far, okay. And now there’s a truck on your land okay. So that’s why we gotta know exactly what you seen, okay? And nobody’s sayin’ Steven did this, okay, nobody’s sayin’ that. But, to get beyond Steven we have to know the truth, okay?   So why don’t you tell me what happened to her?

BRENDAN: I don’t know what happened to her, but

DET. BALDWIN: Okay, tell me, tell me what you know.

BRENDAN: I know that I came home from school, I seen her there, walked in the house, 5 minutes later she left and turned off right, er wait, I….

DET. BALDWIN: That’s it? Brendan, I know you’re still not tellin’ me the truth, cuz I know your, you look all choked up to me.

BRENDAN: That’s cause I’m sweating.

DET. BALDWIN: Are you warm?

DET. BALDWIN: No, you look like you’re, want to tell me somethin’ else.

BRENDAN: Like what?

DET. BALDWIN: Like the truth.

BRENDAN: I don’t know the truth.

DET. BALDWIN: That’s all I want from you man.

BRENDAN: I don’t know where she is right now or nothin’.

DET. BALDWIN: I think you do? Why don’t you tell me?

BRENDAN: I don’t know where she is.

DET. BALDWIN: I think you know what happened. I think you have an idea what happened?


DET. O’NEILL: Who’s Blaine?

DET. BALDWIN: Blaine’s the brother.

BRENDAN: Brother

DET. O’NEILL: Blaine or Brian?

BRENDAN: Blaine.

DET. O’NEILL: Which one’s he?

DET. BALDWIN: The brother he walked home with


DET. O’NEILL: You got Bobby

BRENDAN: Brian and Blaine

DET. O’NEILL: Brian, Blaine and you, so there’s 5 brothers altogether


DET. O’NEILL: Where’s Blaine at today

BRENDAN: With his boss


BRENDAN: With his boss workin’

DET. O’NEILL: Where’s he work

BRENDAN: He’s a landscaper

DET. O’NEILL: Where?

BRENDAN: Uh, by uh Lake Michigan there

DET. O’NEILL: He’s a landscaper, works for a landscaper by Lake Michigan?

BRENDAN: Closer to that yeah.

DET. O’NEILL: Do you know what the guy’s name is that he works for?

BRENDAN: Mike Cornelly


BRENDAN: Mike Cornelly

Det: Mike Cornelly Okay, he works for a Mike Cornelly landscaping and their probably…..


DET. BALDWIN: Is that girl alive Brendan?

BRENDAN: I hope she is.


BRENDAN: I don’t know.

DET. BALDWIN: You do know Brendan. Were you involved in this?


DET. BALDWIN: Are you sure?

DET. BALDWIN: Who was?

BRENDAN: I don’t know

DET. BALDWIN: Brendan?


DET. BALDWIN: This is gonna play itself out man.


DET. O’NEILL: You said something about someone moving from one trailer to another, who’s moving?


DET. O’NEILL: Where’s he movin’ from and to?

BRENDAN: Well, he was gonna clean out some cars right where we live, and he was gonna put a house right there.

DET. O’NEILL: What’s that now?

BRENDAN: The house he was gonna put the trailer right by where we live. He was gonna clean some cars out right where Avery Auto Salvage is there


BRENDAN: And he was gonna put it right there

DET. O’NEILL: Did he start doing some work down there to make that happen?

BRENDAN: uh huh

DET. O’NEILL: Is there another trailer there?

BRENDAN: Well there’s one there, he’s got

DET. O’NEILL: huh?

BRENDAN: he was gonna get rid of it and get a different one but…

DET. O’NEILL: Okay so not that he’s moving from one trailer into another one


DET. O’NEILL: just one location to another location


DET. O’NEILL: okay, he didn’t do any improvement like dig it up or anything like that?


DET. O’NEILL: Okay, alright no big deal.


DET. BALDWIN: Brendan? Large sigh. Why don’t you tell me what you know?

BRENDAN: That’s all I know.

DET. BALDWIN: Do you understand the severity of this? Do you understand how serious this is?

BRENDAN: Yeah, I know how I felt when Steven was in jail, I felt bad for him.

DET. BALDWIN: Yes I know. You probably did.

BRENDAN: I know how they feel.

DET. BALDWIN: No, you don’t, not quite. Cuz you know where Steven was, they don’t know where their daughter is, they don’t know where their sister is

BRENDAN: I don’t either.

DET. BALDWIN: They wanna know.

BRENDAN: I told you where I think she is.

DET. BALDWIN: Where… no you didn’t

BRENDAN: I told you where, she might be with her friends or whatever

DET. BALDWIN: She ain’t with her friends. Every one of her friends have been contacted. Anybody who’s ever talked to her has been contacted because they’re trying to find her

BRENDAN: I don’t know.

DET. BALDWIN: Yeah. Brendan? You know mistakes happen, bad things happen sometimes. You understand that? Sometimes it doesn’t …. people don’t mean to make mistakes but they do, okay? The only way to make your mistakes right is by telling the truth okay? Now this isn’t gonna go away, you understand that? It’s not gonna go away. Okay, this is just the beginning. Why don’t you tell me what you know?

BRENDAN: I don’t know much.

DET. BALDWIN: Tell me what you do know?

BRENDAN: I told you already.

DET. BALDWIN: Tell it to me again.

BRENDAN: We came home from school, came in and went out and was 5 mintutes later she left, took a….

DET. BALDWIN: How do you know she left?

BRENDAN: Cuz I was watching.

DET. BALDWIN: You were watching her?

BRENDAN: Yeah, cause Blaine was there and he was said wait until he’s done and she le… and he’s … go over there and talk to him

DET. BALDWIN: And why didn’t you go over and talk to him? She went into his house didn’t she?


DET. BALDWIN: Where’d they go

BRENDAN: She left and he went in the house

DET. BALDWIN: She didn’t leave. Brendan, she didn’t leave. Where did she go?

BRENDAN: I don’t know

DET. BALDWIN: You do know Brendan, you watched her. It’s okay to be scared. Nobody has to know what we talked about, okay?

BRENDAN: Yeah but I told you what I know, and you still don’t believe me.

DET. BALDWIN: That’s cause you’re not tellin’ me everything, I don’t believe

BRENDAN: That’s all I know though

DET. BALDWIN: No, it’s not all you know.

BRENDAN: Yeah, I do.

DET. BALDWIN: You know something’ a little more and you’re just not gonna tell me.


DET. O’NEILL: Bobby home when you got home Monday?

BRENDAN: Not usually, he’s out Goose hunting

DET. O’NEILL: When that lady was taking pictures, was Bobby home when you got home?



DET. BALDWIN: He goes Goose hunting at 3 o’clock every day.

DET. O’NEILL: That’s, that’s right.

DET. BALDWIN: Now you’re at home and you’re watching her out the window, talk to your uncle. And you were gonna go over there after she left.

BRENDAN: But I didn’t want to, cuz I wanted ta play games.

DET. BALDWIN: You and your brother both sat there and looked out the window at her, and waited for her to leave, so you could go in and see how much he asked for that truck. But then all of a sudden, once she leaves, then, you don’t feel like going over there anymore?

BRENDAN: I just wanted to leave them alone

DET. BALDWIN: You wanted to leave them alone?


DET. BALDWIN: What does that mean Brendan, I wanted to leave them alone?

BRENDAN: Him alone.

DET. BALDWIN: You said them. You said them. Why did you want to leave him alone?

BRENDAN: Cause I thought that he was tired, and he wanted to rest.

DET. BALDWIN: What do you mean you thought he was tired?

BRENDAN: From working.

DET. BALDWIN: She went into that trailer didn’t she? And that still doesn’t mean anything, okay.


DET. BALDWIN: Do you understand that? That doesn’t mean anything. Alls that means is that she went into the trailer, that doesn’t mean anything, okay? Did she go into that trailer.


DET. BALDWIN: Where did she go?

BRENDAN: She left.

DET. BALDWIN: She didn’t leave Brendan.

BRENDAN: Yeah she did.

DET. BALDWIN: Brendan, her trucks on your property, she didn’t leave.

BRENDAN: Someone could have planted it

DET. BALDWIN: She didn’t leave your property.


BRENDAN: How do you know that?

DET. O’NEILL: Brendan you weren’t telling us the truth about coming off that bus and seeing her that day.

DET. BALDWIN: There’s a reason for that.

DET. O’NEILL: Are you telling us the truth now? Why should we believe you? Why did you not tell us the truth from the beginning?

BRENDAN: I thought you were gonna lock me up.

DET. O’NEILL: Why would we lock you up?

BRENDAN: You might think that I did it?

DET. O’NEILL: Did you do it?


DET. O’NEILL: Do you know who did it? Do you think that uh, her family’s missin’ her? Do you think we want to find her?


DET. O’NEILL: Do you think she’s cold?

BRENDAN: I would help too, if I wanted to find her.

DET. O’NEILL: Do you think she’s cold?


DET. O’NEILL: Do you think she’s cold


DET. O’NEILL: I think we should bring her back to her Mom, what do you think?


DET. O’NEILL: You gonna help us? Where’s she at? Let’s bring her home.

BRENDAN: Thats the last time I seen her was when she went down the road

DET. O’NEILL: Let’s bring her home. No more games

BRENDAN: I’m not playing a game

DET. O’NEILL: No, you’re a man

DET. BALDWIN: You’re right Brendan, this ain’t a game. But you know what there’s a girl there okay, and she’s cold and she’s scared and she don’t know where she is okay? And she’s got people who love her who are looking for her right now. You understand that?


DET. BALDWIN: And they want her back. (unclear dialogue of another cop) Let’s do the right thing. Let’s do the right thing and give her back to her parents.

DET. O’NEILL: Where is she?

BRENDAN: I don’t know where she is right now.

DET. O’NEILL: Where was she?

BRENDAN: Steven’s house.

DET. O’NEILL: Did you help put that truck back there? Did you help cover it up? Did Steve put that truck back there?

BRENDAN: I-I haven’t been down in the pits for a long time, probably a year.

DET. O’NEILL: You said you were afraid cause you thought we’d lock you up right?


DET. O’NEILL: What do you think the best thing to do here is, to tell the truth, or you just don’t know?

DET. O’NEILL: Brendan?

DET. BALDWIN: You seen a picture of her?

BRENDAN: Yeah on theTV.

DET. BALDWIN: Okay, you seen her that day right? Now there’s something… people all need tha-that don’t know okay, she needs medicines on a daily basis okay? And we want to know if she needs to get that medicine, okay? We want to get her the help she needs. She’s not here anymore, we want to get her back to her parents Brendan. Why don’t you help us do that?

BRENDAN: What do I have to do?

DET. O’NEILL: You get to help us?

BRENDAN: But I told you whatever I know.

DET. BALDWIN: No, no, no, you started this conversation out with lies? You still haven’t, you-you’ve come clean so far, up to this point. I know you know more. I can see it in your eyes.

BRENDAN: That’s cuz they’re watering

BALDWIN: Yeah, that’s because you feel bad, and you should.

DET. O’NEILL: Has anybody told you to lie to us?


Det. O’neill: Has anybody told you not to tell us about you seeing her when you got off the school bus?


DET. O’NEILL: Why did you make it up in your own mind, not to tell us that?

DET. BALDWIN: I think your Mom’s fight with Steven probably was something to do with this.

BRENDAN: I don’t think (unclear dialogue)

DET. O’NEILL: Why’d you guy’s come up here this weekend.

BRENDAN: to make firewood for a bonfire (unclear dialogue)

DET. BALDWIN: Brendan, were you involved in this? Anybody you know involved in this? Why don’t you tell me what you seen that day?

BRENDAN: (unclear dialogue)

DET. O’NEILL: 3.30 every day that bus comes and drops you off?


DET. O’NEILL: 3:45, the bus pulls up, you and your brother Blaine? get off the bus, what do you see?

BRENDAN: That she’s there.

DET. O’NEILL: Where’s she at?

BRENDAN: Looking at the van.

DET. O’NEILL: And who’s with her?

BRENDAN: Steven.

DET. O’NEILL: How long of a walk is it from where you get off the bus to where the van is?

BRENDAN: 5 minutes

DET. O’NEILL: Okay, so you’re walking up there right? When you get up there to where you’re going… You’re going to your house? Is she there still?


DET. O’NEILL: Okay. Did you go right inside your house right away or you just stay there?

BRENDAN: We went in the house, right away.

DET. O’NEILL: And you guy’s keep an eye on them right? What are they doin’?

BRENDAN: They’re talking and then Steven hands her the papers for the van


BRENDAN: and then she leaves and then ….

DET. O’NEILL: When he hands her the papers for the van, where are they standing outside? Is she in her vehicle?

BRENDAN: Standing outside.

DET. O’NEILL: Okay. Do you ever see Steven go up by her vehicle?

BRENDAN: nuh huh

DET. O’NEILL: And you said you saw her leave


DET. O’NEILL: From where, from inside your house? From where?

BRENDAN: From the side of the van

DET. O’NEILL: Where were you standing?

BRENDAN: In the house.

DET. O’NEILL: Okay, so you see her leave. Where are you at when you see her leave?

BRENDAN: By the sink getting a drink.

DET. O’NEILL: Okay so you look out the window and you see her leave. Before you told us you were walking down the driveway and you had to actually leave from the driveway towards the grass so she could go by you. Right? Why’d you tell us that?

BRENDAN: I don’t know.

DET. O’NEILL: Do you understand where I’m coming from? What’s the real story here?

BRENDAN: This one


BRENDAN: This one.

DET. O’NEILL: Okay so why’d you not tell us the truth about when you saw her leaving?

BRENDAN: Cuz I was scared.

DET. O’NEILL: Okay, let’s get the beyond being scared, lets get beyond the idea of you gettin’ in trouble and going to jail cuz it’s not gonna to happen okay? Tell us anything more? Did you actually see her leave or did she stay there?

BRENDAN: I actually seen her leave

DET. BALDWIN: Large frustrated sigh. Where was the van parked?

BRENDAN: By the little trees.

DET. BALDWIN: Just, how far from your house?

BRENDAN: Probably, maybe a yard.

DET. BALDWIN: Okay so the van’s parked in your yard basically, and she’s out there, with Steve, where was her truck parked?

BRENDAN: Right to like on the other side of the road.

DET. BALDWIN: Grab me that notebook. Draw me a picture, of where your house is, where the school bus dropped you off, where Steven’s house is, and where she was when you seen her.

BRENDAN: She was right there, her van was like right there, and there’s some trees like right here


BRENDAN: And there’s our drive way and the bus drops us off right here.

DET. BALDWIN: Who’s house is this.

BRENDAN: Uh Chuckie’s and My Grandma’s is right here

DET. BALDWIN: Okay, where’s Steven’s house

BRENDAN: Right here.

DET. BALDWIN: Okay. So her and Steven are where?

BRENDAN: Right here.

DET. BALDWIN: Okay and that’s where your van is. Where do you walk?

BRENDAN: Right this way

DET. BALDWIN: Okay, close enough to hear them talking? So, you went in the house?

DET. BALDWIN: Yeah? Okay, and you’re in there about 5 minutes.

BRENDAN: And… the sink is right there


BRENDAN: the bedroom’s right here, and mom’s bedroom and the kitchen’s here.

DET. BALDWIN: So, she’s 1 yard from your house? This is one yard, 3 feet?

BRENDAN: I don’t know

DET. BALDWIN: Did she come in your house at all? Did she talk to you at all?


DET. BALDWIN: She never said one thing to you?

BRENDAN: Maybe she seen us but that’s it

DET. BALDWIN: She seen you but she didn’t say anything? Okay so she’s out there for 5 minutes talking to Steve, then what?

BRENDAN: Then she walks over here and she drives off.

DET. BALDWIN: Was Steve in the van with her, or in the car?

BRENDAN: uh uh

DET. BALDWIN: Steve didn’t go with her?

DET. O’NEILL: Did Steve come over by you after she left?


DET. O’NEILL: Did you stay in your Mom’s house the whole time then after he left? Steve did not come over by you? So when she left and you’re watching her leave Steve did not come over by you? How long did you stay in your house after she left? You were playing games you said or something right? How long do you think you were staying at the house?

BRENDAN: You mean playing games?


BRENDAN: Probably like two hours that day

DET. O’NEILL: So that Monday after she left, when you stayed at the house playing games for two hours, Steve did not come over?


DET. O’NEILL: Did you Steve at all the rest of that day?


DET. O’NEILL: Where at?

BRENDAN: In my house. He came over and he needed some help to push uh a jeep into his garage, ccuz he was fixing it for Grandpa.

DET. BALDWIN: What time was that?

BRENDAN: About 7 or 8

DET. O’NEILL: How’d you help push em in…. it in?

BRENDAN: Pushed it in with our hands and….

DET. O’NEILL: Where’d he have to go to get that Jeep to bring it up by the garage?

BRENDAN: It was right by the garage

DET. O’NEILL: It was always there?

DET. BALDWIN: Okay. BRENDAN: lets get back to, you were gonna waitin, watchin and you were waitin’, for her to leave……. so you could go and see how much your uncle wanted for that vehicle right?

BRENDAN: Yeah cuz before that he said he was gonna give it to us, fix it up for us, so we can drive it to school, so he decided it was too bad of a shape that he was gonna sell it

DET. BALDWIN: Okay, so you wanted to know how much he wanted for it. Was that what the fight was about, between your Ma and him? Was that he was supposed to fix it up for you guys and he decided he was gonna sell it instead?

BRENDAN: Probably yeah

DET. BALDWIN: Yeah, okay. And you didn’t go over to talk to your uncle to see how much is was worth


DET. BALDWIN: how much he wanted, Cuz why?

BRENDAN: I was just gonna leave him alone so uh, to see…..

DET. BALDWIN: You were gonna leave him

BRENDAN: Cuz if anybody was gonna buy it then uh ….

DET. BALDWIN: You were gonna leave him alone, you were gonna leave him alone for something. Do you feel guilty right now? That you didn’t help that girl, is that what the problem is? I think it is because you’re a good kid.

BRENDAN: That’s ain’t what some people say

DET. BALDWIN: Well I’ve been talkin’ to you for quite a while now and I can see in your eye’s that you feel terrible about something. I think that you might have wanted to help her, but you just didn’t know how to do it or what to do. It’s not your fault. But now you can do the right thing, you can help us find her okay?

BRENDAN: I don’t know where she is.

DET. BALDWIN: Yeah but you can give us an idea what happened to her, right Brendan ?

BRENDAN: Maybe that one person that’s on TV, that one hit…. that one girl with a axe or somethin…..

DET. BALDWIN: mm hmm

BRENDAN: He was standin there or whatever, maybe she stopped…. and got in her car and like tried to hit her or somethin. Probably killed her maybe tried to get Steven for it?

DET. O’NEILL: Sigh……. I think we’re done. Silence for a while. Okay, done? I’m gonna talk to him outside for a sec okay, be right back.



DET. BALDWIN: Brendan, I wanna introduce you to someone okay, this is Kim Skorlinski.

S/A Skorlinski: Hi

DET. He investigates for the state of Wisconsin okay. Um I just wanted to introduce you to him and have him tell you, have you tell him what you told us so far?

BRENDAN: I came home from school, got off the bus, went home, waited for 5 minutes and then she was talking to Steven about the van and she left, we went in the house for 2 or 3 hours. He came over by me asked for some help to move a jeep into his garage, and I did and then…..

DET. BALDWIN: What’d the jeep look like?

BRENDAN: Grey I think a box cart or something, hard top.

DET. BALDWIN: Okay, um, you did say however that you walked….. you came home from school right, okay, she was…. why don’t you hand me that drawing you made for me. You walked…. you get dropped off here right, okay, is that your Uncle’s house, that’s your Grandma’s house? You walked down the road and then you walked into your driveway, and into the house? She was right here, her car was here and your uncle was with her. You went in the house and you were by the sink by the window and you watched her for 5 minutes, cuz you were waiting to see your uncle Steven. When she left you were gonna go and see how much the van…. he was gonna charge for the van right? You say she leaves in her vehicle right, and then you decided not to go and bother your uncle because you thought he was tired right? Right? Yes? Is that what you’re saying?


DET. BALDWIN: Okay. All of a sudden outa nowhere, you decide you don’t wanna bother your uncle because you think he might be tired?

BRENDAN: He was gonna….. I was gonna wait and see if anybody wanted it because my mom wanted…. needed the money cause she was down and in deby, whatever (unclear) ……

DET. BALDWIN: But now you think that maybe someone picked her up and hit her with a axe?

BRENDAN: That one person that’s onTV

DET. BALDWIN: The person that’s on TV might have picked her up somewhere and hit her with an axe, in the head.

BRENDAN: And dropped the car off by…. (unclear) salvage

DET. BALDWIN: That’s pretty coincidental don’t you think, hmm?

S/A Skorlinski: What person on TV?

DET. BALDWIN: Ah, There was a guy in Manitowok that


DET. BALDWIN: hit his girlfriend

DET. O’NEILL: Yeah live-in girlfriend 35 year old female, Manitowok….. City of Manitowok

DET. BALDWIN: Except the only problem there, that Steven has, the guy who hit his girlfriend with the axe, that didn’t happen until just Friday, all this stuff took place on Monday right? All this stuff took place on Monday right? The other stuff all took place on Friday. It did I’m tellin you, okay, I’m not asking you. I’ll tell Kim just the same way I’m telling you, or I’ve been tellin you. That I think you feel real bad don’t ya? I think you know something probably happened to her didn’t ya? I just got done telling you don’t want her to be cold, and you thought she was gonna be cold right? Now, you don’t think you’re a good kid. And I think you’re being somewhat honest with us at least, I don’t think you are being all the way honest. And I know you’re scared

BRENDAN: Cuz everyone in my family calls me lazy, cause I don’t do nothing.

DET. BALDWIN: Well you go to school though don’t you?

BRENDAN: My grades are bad though

S/A Skorlinski: What do you like to do

BRENDAN: I just like playing games

DET. BALDWIN: Well, that’s something

BRENDAN: Yeah but they said that’s a bad… bad idea, I told her that they make a lot of money though.

DET. BALDWIN: That’s right Do you know the name of this girl?

BRENDAN: (unclear)

DET. BALDWIN: You didn’t know it. Did you know it then? No? Well her name’s Teresa

S/A Skorlinski: Mm hmm

DET. BALDWIN: Teresa’s 25. She’s got a lot of family and a lot of friends that are really worried about her. You understand that right? And they want her back one way or the other, okay? You understand that don’t you? You want to help us get her back? Why don’t you do that?

BRENDAN: I don’t know where she is.

DET. BALDWIN: Okay. What happened to her?…….. When’s the last time you seen her?

BRENDAN: That Monday.

DET. BALDWIN: Where’d she go

BRENDAN: She left

DET BALDWIN: With who?

BRENDAN: By herself

S/A Skorlinski: Did you see her go in uncle Steve’s house at all? Did you see them arguing? Fighting?

DET O’NEIL: Did she fall and get hurt maybe?


S/A Skorlinski: After she left did he come over by you?

BRENDAN: About 2 hours later

S/A Skorlinski: 2 hours later. Not right away. Was Bobby home when you got home? Nobody was home when you got home?

BRENDAN: Just me and Blaine

New cop: You and Blaine that’s it.

DET. BALDWIN: What you got to understand Brendan okay, we don’t want you to tell us anything that you didn’t see okay. But if you seen somethin I want you to tell us, because that doesn’t necessarily mean that anybody’s in trouble, okay. A lot of different things can happen to somebody, could be an accident, could be a mistake, something accidentally could have happened and somebody got nervous, okay, they got nervous and didn’t think right away and decided to do something that they probably shouldn’t have done. Do you understand what I’m sayin’?

BRENDAN: Wait, on her truck or whatever it is, you might find Steven’s prints but that’s right by the door.


S/A Skorlinski: How do you know that?

BRENDAN: He told me that he may have touched her car but that’s it, or leaned against it.

S/A Skorlinski: What happened to that green jeep you helped him put in the garage?

BRENDAN: He’s still fixing it

S/A Skorlinski: It’s still in there

DET. BALDWIN: What happens if we find his prints inside the car? You think that’s possible?

BRENDAN: Probably.

DET. BALDWIN: Why do you think that’s possible?

BRENDAN: Maybe I think there might not be a way

S/A Skorlinski: But you also think there might be, why?

BRENDAN: Maybe inside by the window but that’s it. What would happen if you didn’t find any prints though?

DET. BALDWIN: It’s not about prints right now, okay. See what I’m saying is, accidents can happen okay, maybe she went inside a Steven’s house, I don’t know, maybe she did, maybe she tripped and hit her head on something and Steven being afraid to go back to prison or something, decided oh what am I gonna say you know? Things like that happen, accidents happen, okay, but we need to know everything about what happened so we can figure that out okay? I’m not tryin’ to get anybody in trouble, we’re just tryin’ to get a girl back to her family okay? That’s it. And I think you’re a good enough person to help us with that.

S/A Skorlinski: What did you guy’s do when he came over 2 or 3 hours later?

BRENDAN: We helped him put the jeep into his garage.

S/A Skorlinski: And then where did you have supper that night?

BRENDAN: Over by my house.

S/A Skorlinski: At your house. Where did he have supper that night?

BRENDAN: At his house

S/A Skorlinski: Did he go to Grandma’s house?


S/A Skorlinski: Did he eat alone do you know? Did you see him after supper?


S/A Skorlinski: When’s the next time you saw him?

BRENDAN: That next morning, cuz he drove up and talked to us a little bit

DET. BALDWIN: Before School? What did he say to you?

BRENDAN: That his Blazer’s gonna be gone in a few days cause someones gonna buy it.

DET. O’NEIL: Is his Blazer still down there?

Door Beeps

S/A Skorlinski: Just wait. Cop/s leave the car. Door Beeps and Cop/s re-enter.

DET. O’NEIL: Okay, we’re gonna bring you back. That’s yours alright.

DET. BALDWIN: Brendan, appreciate your help. Huh?

Det. Baldwin: Yeah I know you’re scared okay. I can appreciate it.

BRENDAN: Sometimes I get shy when I don’t know anybody.

DET. BALDWIN: Yeah I understand that.

DET. O’NEILL: What grade you in?


DET. O’NEILL: What grade you in? 9th?


DET. O’NEILL: 10TH. Your grades ain’t that great you think?




DET. BALDWIN: Well that aint too bad.

Radio in taking passenger back to Cabin.

DET. BALDWIN: You know when you were standing in the kitchen by the sink.


DET. BALDWIN: Was Blaine standing there with you

BRENDAN: No, he was watching TV.

DET. BALDWIN: He was watching TV?



DET. BALDWIN: So you were the only one that stood by the window and watched. Brendan?


DET. BALDWIN: you’re the only one that was standing by the window and watching?


DET. BALDWIN: Okay. So pretty much you and Steve are the only one’s who know what happened there?


DET. BALDWIN: Okay. Does Steve know that?


DET. BALDWIN:  You’re uncle doesn’t know if you were standing in the window or not?

BRENDAN: I don’t think he knows.

DET. BALDWIN: He doesn’t know? Okay.

DET. O’NEILL: Were you guy’s headed to the Store?


DET. O’NEILL: Yeah, what you getting?


DET. O’NEILL: Mountain Dew?

BRENDAN: Yeah cuz we’re almost out.

DET. BALDWIN: Did you tell your Mom about what you seen that day?

BRENDAN: No, I haven’t told her yet (unclear).

DET. BALDWIN:   You haven’t told anybody?

BRENDAN: Just you guy’s

DET. BALDWIN: Just us? Okay, well we’ll keep it just between us. How’s that?



DET. BALDWIN: You said Blaine’s 17?

BRENDAN: He could be 17

DET. BALDWIN: And he’s working today you say?



Unclear dialogue as get out of car.




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Brendan's First Interview Transcript
Brendan’s First Interview Transcript
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