Brandless – Where Everything is $3 and Won’t Break The Bank

Brandless – Where Everything is $3

There is a new online website that sells groceries and other items (a little over 200 items) for only $3 each. The website is named Brandless – where everything is $3 and was created by 2 San Francisco entrepreneurs.

All of the items, mainly groceries (and organic foods), are in unbranded packaging and are unique to Brandless and that’s why they’re able to sell the items for so cheap- because there isn’t a “brand tax” and can save customers up to 40%.

Shipping is a flat fee of $9 but if you spend $72 or more, it’s free. They also offer a yearly membership for $36 a year and that will give you free shipping with purchases of $48 or more.

It’s a very interesting concept and might be popular enough to be a huge success. I mean, who doesn’t like cheap things?!? Most of the items are organic, gluten-free and GMO-free foods which are pretty pricey in standard stores; seeing these items for only $3 makes you question whether they taste good and what the packaging size is and if they are truly a value to your wallet.

I’ll be trying them out and will report back on how good the service, products and foods really are. If you’ve already tried them, leave a comment and let everybody know your thoughts.

Visit Brandless – where everything is $3.


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