Another Scott And Bobby Theory

Another Scott And Bobby Theory

Another Scott And Bobby Theory

Here is another Scott and Bobby Theory from Redditor /u/t0nz0r – they provide a motive as to why Scott and Bobby might have done it.


It’s a theory I have thought about a little bit lately. Feel free to disprove it if it doesn’t hold water. I haven’t read through any of the transcripts – or read evidence so I may be a little uneducated on the subject. I’ve only seen the documentary + read through reddit.

My theory is that Scott Tadych and Bobby Dassey did it. I think that they suspected Steven was molesting Brendan. (

It is possible that they had first gone to the police with their concerns, but given the person at hand – and the impending court / damage proceedings – they would have needed evidence to follow through with charges.

Now the theory gets a little tricky here as Bobby and Scott would have needed to have prior knowledge that TH was going to be there to plan this out. Is it possible that Steven called up Barb to tell her he was planning to get someone to photograph the car and they had overheard?

As to how the deed was done I believe that Scott had left his car a fair ways up the road (if I can recall he was visiting his mother? Any time on when he left other than his testimony?) Walked back a bit and waited for a call from Bobby. (Think I remember Steven saying when TH left, Bobby suddenly wasn’t there anymore). Once TH got within sight – Scott flagged her down, possibly made up some BS story about his car not working, needing a jump? Needing help with something, as long as he got her back to his car. I think once he got her back there, when she didn’t suspect it, he knocked her out, choked her, something. Bobby has come around to where Scotts car is, with his weapon and shot her. (Incidently same model/make as the one prosecution says Avery used, also one that Scott tried to sell off the following day/week).

After this had happened, They possibly wrapped her body in some tarp, loaded it into the Rav 4, possibly at this point realising it would be stupid to drive her car somewhere, loaded it onto bobbys truck and drove to the quarry, burnt her body there, possibly with an animal carcus on top of it incase anyone drove by and enquired what they were doing. I would assume Scott took her to the quarry and this would leave Bobby to park the Rav 4 somewhere where it couldn’t be found, til nightfall where they ultimate decide to dump it into the Avery salvage yard. Putting her belongings – pda phone in a burn barrel they had out the back of their place + moving the barrel at a later time, and dumping some bones in the burn pit.

Like I said – it’s a theory.. if it doesn’t hold water, feel free to dismantle it. I am a bit uneducated outside of the documentary.


Again, that was Redditor /u/t0nz0r and their theory and motive as to why Scott and Bobby might have killed Teresa Halbach and frame Steven Avery for it.

What are your thoughts? Do you think it’s plausible? Do you see any issues with this theory?

The one issue I see with this is it was shown that the police pretty much put it into Brendan’s head that Steven touched him. If you read the comments in the post /u/tonzor linked to, one of them explains how the cops put those disgusting thoughts inside Brendan’s head. I really don’t think Steven Avery ever molested Brendan.

Also, Scott and Bobby ended up screwing Brendan instead of helping him.



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