Another Rebuttal To Steven Avery Being Guilty Theory

Another Rebuttal To Steven Avery Being Guilty Theory

Another Rebuttal To Steven Avery Being Guilty Theory

Here is another rebuttal to Steven Avery being guilty theory. As I posted before, I like hearing from all sides of this story and I will publish a lot of peoples theories – no matter what side they are for.

Here is a rebuttal from /u/syncopator from Reddit:

Although your assessment is likely pretty close to what happened if SA killed TH, I have a few issues with it and some of your assumptions and therefore your conclusions.

Goose hunting is commonly done with .22 rifles.

No, it definitely is not. It’s not only illegal, it’s terribly ineffective. Goose hunting is done with shotguns. I know this isn’t a central part of your theory, and in fact I don’t know why you included it. However, your willingness to make this assertion that is patently wrong makes me question every other unsourced assertion/assumption you make.

He orders TH to hand him her keys and get in the boot of her car at gunpoint. He hits her on the back of the head, knocking her out.

So he hits her on the head after she gets in the back? Hard enough to knock her out? Nah. That’s Hollywood, not reality. If she’s in the boot and he is standing outside the RAV4, there is virtually no way he could hit her with any effectiveness.

4:00pm SA drives off the property in the RAV4, passing the propane deliverer, and takes her somewhere such as the quarry or some rural wooded area where he kills her. He returns her body into the back of the car. 4:21pm Laura Schadrie a Cingular engineer testifies that all activity on TH’s phone ceases at this time.

So he drives her off the property, presumably to somewhere in the quarry then drags her out of the car and kills her (presumably with the .22 since she ends up with at least two gunshot wounds to the head).  This is where your theory diverges from the evidence, and plausibility.

The bullets in garage. How do they end up there? Do they fall out of her dead body when he returns to burn it? Also, assuming he forced her out of the RAV4 and killed her, there would have been some dirt and/or vegetation involved that would have likely come off when he puts her back into the RAV4. Additionally, all this happens in about 15 minutes? Nah.

8:45pm Scott testifies that the flames of the bonfire at around 8:45pm were “almost as tall as the garage, 10 feet tall, maybe.” The defense brought up that his original statement said that the flames were only 3 ft tall.

Nope. Scott testifies this is at 7:45, because he got home in time to watch Prison Break at 8:00. Of course, like the rest of his testimony, this gets shredded by Strang. Out of all the witnesses in the trial, Scott Tadych has the sketchiest and most varying testimony. Scott told police twice in initial interviews that he saw SA at the bonfire at 5:15 when he picked up Barb.

10:00pm BD testifies he went home and talked to Barb about Scott’s mother who was in the hospital and whether she was alright. Barb notices bleach marks on BD’s jeans. BD tells Barb that he had been helping SA clean up something in the garage that night.

Firstly, Brendan Dassey never testified about anything until the sentencing portion of his own trial. You mean he confessed, which we all can agree is at least questionable. In this instance, Scott Tadych testifies that Barb left his house around 10:30 or 11:00. Of course, this directly conflicts what he originally told police which was that he was absolutely sure Barb spent the night at his house and left for work from there the next morning.

Upon beginning of sunrise SA puts the remainder of whatever is left of TH’s body in his burn barrel. He finishes up, put a few fragments of bone and one piece of muscle tissue remain. He doesn’t see this as they are small and the barrel has ashes.

The human bones were found in Barb’s burn barrel, not Steven’s. Why would he scoop up a few burnt bones from the pit and dump them in another burn barrel?

That’s all I have the energy for right at the moment.


Again, I want to point out that these theories I am posting here on my blog are not mine. These are comments/opinions from users from Reddit, Twitter, email…etc. The only opinions I have are that Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey both need new trials at the very least. The prosecution botched their case really bad.



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