What Was Left Out

What Was Left Out Of Making A Murderer

What Was Left Out Of Making A Murderer

Every day more and more people are watching Making a Murderer and some come away feeling like they only received half the information and everything was about Steven Avery being framed and one sided.

Well, this post that was made a few weeks ago by devisan with the help of other Redditors will show how much was left out on the defense side. There is a lot more evidence that points to Steven Avery being framed that a lot of people aren’t aware of.

Read below and you’ll see what was left out and see if it changes your opinion


Much has been said about MaM leaving out prosecution evidence, but here’s a list of defense evidence it also left out. If you know of other tidbits, please share them, with sources if possible, and I’ll add them to the list.

*Updated list includes items from /u/PuppyBabyMan , /u/rockywayne , /u/SlowTheRain , /u/pajam , /u/triddy6 , /u/chromeomykiss , /u/marz0629 , /u/Crunch117 , /u/juzt_agirl , /u/abyssus_abyssum , /u/Daddy23Hubby21 . Thanks, Redditors!


What do you think? That’s A LOT of information that was left out in the docu-series but people aren’t aware of it.

After reading this, a lot of people will then realize that it is even more plausible that Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey are innocent and were framed.

Let me know your thoughts by sending me a message and if you knew about a lot of what was left out!




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