Living In Manitowoc

What Is It Like Living In Manitowoc?

What Is It Like Living In Manitowoc?

I was born and raised in a ‘town’ (it’s actually a borough because there is only one town in PA) named Shenandoah which was thrown into the limelight and was all over the major news sources all over the world. There is even a documentary about it on Netflix.

Why were we all over the news? Because a group of football players from the high school were walking home after partying and encountered a young man and end up getting into a fight with him. A deadly fight. The young man, ended up dying after the fight. That young man just so happened to be an illegal immigrant. From there, things went to shit.

When a big story happens in your town, it changes things forever. I no longer live there but when we go back to visit, it just doesn’t feel the same anymore. Thing are different. It’s hard to explain.

Redditor justanother_thought is from Manitowoc and they give a summary of what it’s like living in Manitowoc.

I have lived in Manitowoc my whole life and I am right in the middle of this drama. In fact during the first SA arrest in ’85 my neighbors at both ends of the street I live on were – get this – Sheriff Tom Kocourek and Penny Beerntsen. What is so weird is that today I ran into Ken Pieterson. I don’t know him personally so I didn’t say anything to him, but I sure would like to ask him a few questions about the “Making a Murderer” film. I, like most of my friends and acquaintances in this city, was satisfied with the convictions of SA and BD. At the time – reading the local newspaper and TV coverage- I had no quarrel with the evidence and was convinced that SA was the killer of TH. I thought like all of the rest of us in Manitowoc that justice was done. I read the Griesbach book about the railroad job that Tom Kocourek and Dennis Vogel perpretrated on SA and had a revelation about the corruption of the Sheriffs Dept. in our county. I would see Kocourek and his wife out eating dinner occasionally and wondered how he could live with himself. Then came Making a Murderer. I thought I would watch it to see how the film handled the way my local sheriff and DA took part in this injustice. WOW!! I couldn’t stop watching. It took me just three days over Christmas to see the things Kratz and all of the others did that we never really knew was going on at the time. I was immediately converted to the belief in the innocence of BD. As for SA, I’m not sure if he did it or not. I tend to think his is innocent but am sure that the jury didn’t have enough proof to find him guilty. What I find interesting is that just about everyone in this town doesn’t want to believe that BD or SA are innocent. Most don’t want to watch it and could care less about SA and BD. They think that there is no way that the MCSD could do anything as sinister as plant evidence. I am in the distinct minority about this. I suppose most locals don’t want to think they could be living in a county where the law is so carelessly applied. I wonder if other redditers live here and have similar experiences with their friends and family?



I know where this person is coming from. Even though we knew who the murderers were in Shenandoah, there were so many twists and turns and a different story every hour. You didn’t know who or what to believe. It divided our town and as you can see, it kinda divided Manitowoc. So I’m sure living in Manitowoc is a lot different now just like Shenandoah is.

People don’t realize how much of an impact a big news story has on a town. Everybody’s life is impacted – whether directly or indirectly – you will feel some of the impact.

In the beginning, it’s cool and you’re amazed to see all the major new networks in town and doing reporting on it 24/7 – but by the 2nd or 3rd day you’re like “Go home”. The most frustrating thing about it is the many different stories that come out and you don’t know which one to believe and that’s where the divide starts.

Where you living in Manitowoc when this first happened? Are you living there now? Leave a comment or shoot me a message and tell me your thoughts and feelings with living in Manitowoc.




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