Top 25 College Football Scores for Week 9

Top 25 College Football Scores for Week 8

Top 25 College Football Scores for Week 8

Already, we’re at week 8 of college football – getting closer to the end of the season! Here are the Top 25 College Football Scores for Week 8.

A big matchup against #2 Penn State and #19 Michigan is going to make or break the Nittany Lions. Even though they have #9 Ohio State next week (which is at the horseshoe and Ohio State is on a bye this week), the Michigan game will really put them to the test.

Another key matchup will be #11 USC against #13 Notre Dame.

I’m looking forward to another great weekend in college football and will be routing for Penn State!

Good luck to all of your teams (unless you’re a Michigan fan! – Just kidding!)


The Top 25 College Football Scores for Week 8:


1. Alabama Crimson Tide (W) v Tennessee (L): 45-7

2.  Penn State Nittany Lions (W)19. Michigan Wolverines (L): 42-13

3. Georgia Bulldogs – BYE

4. TCU (W) v Kansas (L): 43-0

5. Wisconsin Badgers (W) v Maryland (L): 38-13

6.  Ohio State – BYE

7. Clemson Tigers – BYE

8. Miami (W) v Syracuse (L): 27-19

9. Oklahoma Sooners (W) v Kansas State (L): 42-35

10. Oklahoma State (W) v Texas (L): 13-10

11. USC Trojans (L) v 13. Notre Dame (W): 49-14

12.  Washington Huskies – BYE

13Notre Dame (W) v 11. USC Trojans (L): 49-14

14. Virginia Tech Hokies (W) v North Carolina (L): 59-7

15. Washington State Cougars (W) v Colorado (L): 28-0

16.  South Florida Bulls v Tulane

16. North Carolina State – BYE

18.  Michigan State (W) v Indiana (L): 17-9

19. Michigan Wolverines (L) v 2. Penn State Nittany Lions (W): 42-13

20. UCF (W) v Navy (L): 31-21

21. Auburn Tigers  (W) v Arkansas (L): 52-20

22. Stanford – BYE

23. West Virginia (W) v Baylor (L): 38-36

24. LSU (W) v Mississippi (L): 40-24

25. Memphis (W) v Houston (L): 42-38


Those are the scores for the top 25 college football scores for week 8.

Last updated – today (October 21st).

Which of these teams will make it to the 2018 College Football Playoff National Championship? You better believe I’ll be routing for Penn State!

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