Top 25 College Football Scores for Week 9

Top 25 College Football Scores for Week 7

Top 25 College Football Scores for Week 7

Here we are, week 7 of college football – getting closer to the end of the season! Here are the Top 25 College Football Scores for Week 7

There are no teams in the top 25 playing each other today! Penn State is on a bye along with Notre Dame and Virginia Tech.

Welp, on Friday night, #2 – Clemson went down; they lost to Syracuse 24-27. AND #8 Washington State lost to California – 37-3. Even with no top 25 team playing each other this week, so far, the first 2 games of the week, both the Top 25 team lost! Holy shit, this is going to be a promising Saturday – even if Penn State doesn’t play!

A total of 7 Top 25 teams went down this weekend:

#2 Clemson

#5 Washington

#8 Washington State

#10 Auburn

#19 San Diego State

#24 Texas Tech

#25 Navy


The Top 25 College Football Scores for Week 7:


1. Alabama (W) v Arkansas (L): 41-9

2.  Clemson (L) v Syracuse (W): 27-24

3Penn State – BYE

4. Georgia (W) v Missouri (L): 53-28

5.  Washington (L) v Arizona State (W): 13-7

6.  TCU (W) v Kansas State (L): 26-6

7. Wisconsin (W) v Purdue (L): 17-9

8. Washington State (L) v California (W): 37-3

9. Ohio State (W) v Nebraska (L): 56-14

10. Auburn (L) v LSU (W): 27-23

11Miami (W) v Georgia Tech (L): 25-24

12. Oklahoma (W) v Texas (L): 29-24

13USC (W) v Utah (L): 28-27

14. Oklahoma State (W) v Baylor (L): 59-16

15. Virginia Tech Hokies: BYE

16.  Notre Dame: BYE

17.  Michigan (W) v Indiana (L): 27-20 (OT)

18.  South Florida Bulls (W) v Cincinnati (L)

19. San Diego State (L) v Boise State (W): 31-14

20. North Carolina State (W) v Pittsburg (L): 35-17

21. Michigan State (W) v Minnesota (L): 30-27

22. UCF (W) v East Carolina (L): 63-21

23. Stanford (W) v Oregon (L): 49-7

24. Texas Tech (L) v West Virginia (W): 46-35

25. Navy (L) v Memphis (W): 30-27



Those are the scores for the top 25 college football scores for week 7.

Let’s see if there are any big upsets this week! And bi-goly, there were! Both #2 and #8 teams lost so far! It’s starting to be a very exciting weekend!

With 7 top 25 teams losing this weekend, we’re gonna have a brand new top 25 this week! There are going to be a lot of changes!

Which of these teams will make it to the 2018 College Football Playoff National Championship? You better believe I’ll be routing for Penn State!


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