Top 25 College Football Scores for Week 9

Top 25 College Football Scores for Week 5

Top 25 College Football Scores for Week 5

Here are the Top 25 College Football Scores for Week 5 – It looks like the Clemson v Virginia Tech game might be a good match up – will VT be able to knock off Clemson? Will any of the other Top 5 teams go down? We shall see!

1. Alabama (W) v Mississippi (L): 66-3

2.  Clemson (W) v 12. Virginia Tech (L): 31-17

3Oklahoma –

4Penn State (W) v Indiana (L):  45-14

5USC (L) v 16. Washington State (W): 30-27

6.  Washington (W) v Oregon State (L): 42-7

7.  Georgia (W) v Tennessee (L): 41-0

8.  Michigan –

9. TCU –

10Wisconsin (W) v Northwestern (L):

11. Ohio State (W) v Rutgers (L): 56-0

12. Virginia Tech (L)2.  Clemson (W): 31-17

13Auburn (W) v 24. Mississippi State (L): 49-10

14Miami (W) v Duke (L): 31-6

15. Oklahoma State (W) v Texas Tech (L): 41-34

16. Washington State (W) v 5. USC (L): 30-27

17. Louisville (W) v Murray St (L): 55-10

18.  South Florida (W) v East Carolina (L): 61-31

19. San Diego State (W) v Northern Illinois (L): 34-28

20. Utah –

21. Florida (W) v Vanderbilt (L): 38-24

22. Notre Dame (W) v Miami (OH) (L): 52-17

23. West Virginia  –

24. Mississippi State (L) v 13. Auburn (W): 49-10

 25. LSU (L) v Troy (W): 24-21

  Those are the scores for the top 25 college football scores for week 5.

Five teams have byes this week. Two games will be played on Friday the 29th: Miami v Duke and USC v Washington State; the rest will be played on Saturday.

Which of these teams will make it to the 2018 College Football Playoff National Championship? You better believe I’ll be routing for Penn State!


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