Top 25 College Football Scores for Week 9

Top 25 College Football Scores for Week 4

Top 25 College Football Scores for Week 4

Here are the Top 25 College Football Scores for Week 4 – Again, this week, there aren’t a lot of top 25 teams playing each other. One of the more noteworthy games is the Penn State – Iowa game because they’re both 3-0 and Iowa always seems to have Penn State’s number… who will come out victorious?

1. Alabama Crimson Tide (W) v Vanderbilt (L): 59-0

2.  Clemson Tigers (W) v Boston College (L): 34-7

3Oklahoma Sooners (W) v Baylor (L): 49-41

4Penn State Nittany Lions (W) v Iowa (L): 21-19

5USC Trojans (W) v California (L): 30-20

6.  Oklahoma State (L) v 16. TCU (W): 44-31

7.  Washington (W) v Colorado (L): 37-10

8.  Michigan (W) v Purdue (L): 28-10

9Wisconsin v –

10. Ohio State (W) v UNLV (L): 54-21

11. Georgia (W) v 17. Mississippi State (L): 31-3

12Florida Sate (L) v N.C. State (W): 27-21

13Virginia Tech (W) v Old Dominion (L): 38-0

14Miami (W) v Toledo (L): 52-30

15. Auburn (W) v Missouri (L): 51-14

16. TCU (W) v 6. Oklahoma State (L): 44-31

17. Mississippi State (L) v 11. Georgia (W): 31-3

18.  Washington State (W) v Nevada (L): 45-7

19. Louisville (W) v Kent State (L): 42-3

20. Florida (W) v Kentucky (L):  28-27

21. South Florida (W) v Temple (L): 43-7

22. San Diego State (W) v Air Force (L): 28-24

23. Utah (W) v Arizona (L): 30-24

24. Oregon (L) v Arizona State (W): 37-35

 25. LSU –

Those are the scores for the top 25 college football scores for week 4. Two teams have byes this week.

Penn State almost lost to Iowa in a very exciting game at Kinnick Stadium. Iowa always plays a tough game and puts up a fight against every team it encounters. It came down to the 4th quarter, with a 4th and goal with 4 seconds on the clock and Penn State was able to get the touchdown with a pass from Trace McSorley to junior wide receiver Juwan Johnson in the end zone! It was a thrilling game all night from the start to the finish!

Which of these teams will make it to the 2018 College Football Playoff National Championship? You better believe I’ll be routing for Penn State! -TID

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