Top 25 College Football Scores for Week 9

Top 25 College Football Scores for Week 2

Top 25 College Football Scores for Week 2

Here are the Top 25 College Football Scores for Week 2 – There are a few games that have been canceled/postponed due to Hurricane Irma. 

The biggest loss of the week was Ohio State to Oklahoma – but Oklahoma is a really good team!

1. Alabama Crimson Tide (W) v Fresno State (L): 41-10

2. Ohio State (L) v 5. Oklahoma (W): 31-16

3Clemson Tigers (W) v 13. Auburn (L): 14-6

4. Penn State Nittany Lions (W) v Pittsburgh (L): 33-14

5.  Oklahoma Sooners (W) v 2. Ohio State (L): 31-16

6.  USC Trojans (W) v 14. Stanford (L): 42-24

7. Washington Huskies (W) v Montana (L): 63-7

8. Michigan Wolverines (W) v Cincinnati (L): 36-14

9. Wisconsin Badgers (W) v Florida Atlantic (L): 31-14

10. Florida Sate – DID NOT PLAY

11. Oklahoma State Cowboys (W) v South Alabama (L): 44-7

12.  LSU Tigers (W) v Chattanooga (L): 45-10

13. Auburn Tigers (L) v 3. Clemson (W): 14-6

14. Stanford Cardinals (L) v 6. USC (W): 42-24

15. Georgia Bulldogs (W)24. Notre Dame (L): 20-19

16. Miami Hurricanes – DID NOT PLAY

17. Louisville Cardinals (W) v North Carolina (L): 47-35

18.  Virginia Tech Hokies (W) v Delaware (L): 27-0

19. Kansas State Wildcats (W) v Charlotte (L): 55-7

20. Washington State Cougars (W) v Boise State (L): 47-44 (3OT)

21. South Florida Bulls  – DID NOT PLAY

22. Florida Gators – DID NOT PLAY

23. TCU (W) v Arkansas (L): 28-7

24. Notre Dame (L) v Georgia (W): 20-19

25. Tennessee Volunteers v Indiana State: 42-7

Those are the scores for the top 25 college football scores for week 2. As mentioned, some of the games have been canceled/postponed due to Hurricane Irma. Those game may be made up at later date.

Which of these teams will make it to the 2018 College Football Playoff National Championship? You better believe I’ll be routing for Penn State!


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