Would You Give Me a Dollar

E10 Would You Give Me a Dollar or Tell Me to F$%k Off?

Would You Give Me a Dollar?

I’m just wondering- would you give me a dollar? If I came up to you while you were sitting on a park bench and I asked “Can I borrow a dollar?” What would you say? Would you ignore me? Would you give me an answer? What would that answer be? Would your answer be different if I were somebody different? What if I were female? What if I were handicapped? What if I smelled like alcohol?

It’s interesting to think about. How do you decide who will get your hard earned money? I’m sure most people do have their preference for who they’ll give their money to and rightfully so. It’s your hard earned money and you should get to decide who and IF you’ll give it to somebody. You don’t have to.

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Would You Give Me a Dollar
Would You Give Me a Dollar

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