Who Want's To Be A Millionaire? I Do!

E31 Who Want’s To Be A Millionaire? I Do!

Who Want’s To Be A Millionaire? I Do!

First off – I apologize for the funny sounding speech in this episode – I was at the dentist earlier this week and had some work done… I was hoping to sound better today but I was wrong. I’m sorry! Speed me up to 2x and you shouldn’t notice! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hello ladies and gents! Welcome to another episode of The Inspiring Dad Podcast! This is episode 31 (holy shit!) and in this episode, I talk about being a millionaire and how I want to be one. Who want’s to be a millionaire? I do!

Rich people fascinate me. I’ve always wanted to have a candid one on one interview with one or a few and just be able to live in their shoes for a day/week… hell, even a year!ย I just want to experience it. Yes, I would love to live the rest of my life like that (and that’s one of my goals) but for now, I just have to experience it in the shoes of somebody who is already living it.

If you’re a millionaire and you’re cool enough to bring me into your life and show me that experience, get ahold of me at dad@theinspiringdad.com! That would be amazing! I know there are a lot of down to earth rich people and if one of them listens to this, I might have a shot! ๐Ÿ™

Also in this episode, my weekly rant which is surprisingly about Netflix this week… tune in to find out why!

I also give an update on my no sugar lifestyle and how I’m doing!

All of that is packed into this one episode… can you handle it?! I’m sure you can! Tune in and escape life for awhile!

Until next time, take care!




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