Where is the Best Place to Live

E4 Where is the Best Place to Live in the US?

Where is the Best Place to Live?

You’ve probably heard me complain about the cold weather and snow a hundred times already and in this podcast, I ask, where is the best place to live in the US? My wife and I would like to retire in South Carolina; we’ve both never lived there before and only visited – so, is that the best place to live?

I’m sure every single state has it’s own kind of appeal but if those states are in the north, I don’t think I’ll be interested. I think southern states would be my best bet.

Every state has it’s pros and cons – what are the pros and cons about your state? Would it be somewhere I’d want to live? What’s the best thing about your state and what is the worst thing about your state?

The best thing about Iowa is it’s small but big – if that makes sense… it’s not a big state but it has a lot going on in the bigger cities like Des Moines. It’s a clean state and you don’t have to pay tolls when you travel on the highways! The worst thing about Iowa is the weather. The summers are awesome but the winters suck.

So tell me, where is the best place to live in the US and what is the cost of living there? What is the job market like? How is everybody’s temperament? What are the pros? What are the cons?

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Where is the Best Place to Live
Where is the Best Place to Live


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