Top 10 Items You Need For Your Newborn

E3 Top 10 Items You Need For Your Newborn Baby

Top 10 Items You Need For Your Newborn

Continuing the topic of fatherhood in this podcast, I’ve compiled a list of top 10 items you need for your newborn baby. Like i said, you’ll get advice from everybody and everyone of them will have their own opinions on what to have for when baby comes… we had a lot of different things and thinking back on it, these are the things that we really needed and then the rest of the things you can buy as you need them or not at all depending on which way you want to go.

Baby must haves: Top 10 items you need for your newborn:

Lots and lots of onesies and socks– babies are messy. They spit up, they drool, they sneeze, their diapers leak… yeah, you need a stock pile of onsies and socks. You can get them in plain white or they have nice fancy ones. You don’t have to be dressing your baby up everyday. Keep them in a onsie, socks and a blanket.

Speaking of Baby blankets– you want to have a lot of them around as well- use them for swaddling, covering the baby up, puting it down on the couch/bed/whereever when changing diapers… You can use them as spit up rags too… they cover a larger surface area and they’re basically the same thing as a blanket only smaller. Have different kinds- lightweight and heavier ones for differnt settings.

Lots of formula (if you don’t breastfeed)- babies love to eat… damn… you gotta make sure you don’t run out or there will be hell to pay. A hungry baby is NOT a happy baby… DO NOT RUN OUT. Also, make sure you get the right kind for your baby- if your baby starts to kick their legs and is gassy, you might have to change up their formula to one for sensitive stomachs. We had a lot of trial and errors on our part until we found the right one that worked for our son. Also, once you find the right formula for your baby, don’t change the brand or the kind because it can upset your babies stomach.

Lots and lots of bottles-Like I said, babies like to eat and before you know it, you have a sink full of bottles (yeah, you tend to get lazy after being up all night with a crying baby) and you’re running around looking for a clean bottle… like I said, hungry babies are monsters and they can scream and cry louder than anything you’ve ever heard before…

Car seat. If you want to be able to bring the baby home from the hospital, you’ll need one of these. Th hospital won’t allow you to leave until you’re trained on how to secure a baby correctly. Buy one that converts from a rear facing to a front facing to a booster. You’ll eventually need all of those anyway, might as well get a 3 in one and be done with it.

Lots of diapers and baby wipes– not only do babies like to eat, they like to poop and pee too. All the time. Diapers are another essential item that you will need and make sure you do not run out of. There will be times where you change their diaper and a minute later they’re sitting smiling at you and you can hear them farting and pooping the diaper…. You need to have a stockpile of them. and watch out for the different sizes. Make sure you get the ones that fit your baby or else poop will get everywhere. Don’t forget – babies grow FAST and so you don’t want to have too much of a stockpile of one size or else you’ll have a lot of unused diapers because they won’t fit your baby anymore.

Diaper genie– babies shit stinks. You wouldnt think that something that small would be able to create that kind of a mess and that kind of smell but let me tell you… baby poop can be one of the worst smells you’ve ever smelled before. I rank it high up there for me…

(Tip- make sure you roll up the diaper correctly so it doesn’t come apart and get everywhere

Baby swing or bouncer– these are a life saver when your baby is very fussy and wont sleep or won’t stop crying… get one that plays music and 99% of the time, the baby will calm down and will eventually fall asleep.

2 cribs/bassinet – if you live in a 2 story house, you want to have a crib downstairs and one upstairs… you don’t want to trust laying the baby on the couch or anywhere else that is unsafe. It’s better to have them in a crib where you know they’ll be safe and have it accessible so you don’t have to climb up and down the stairs

Baby Monitor – you can get ones that just transmit sound for a few bucks and call it good or you can get video ones if you want to keep an eye on your baby. We only used the basic baby monitor… we had 3 portable receivers that we had throughout the house and were able to take them with us if we were to go outside or something. Keeping an ear on your baby is always a good thing- especially at night so you can hear them cry so you can get up and feed and change them .


So there you have it, my picks for the top 10 items you need for your newborn in no particular oder. Now, you can also use this list to buy expectant mothers some of these gifts to help them out.

If you can think of anything else that I’m missing from this list or if you think something is more important than another thing, let me know and I’ll update the list or expand on it.

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Top 10 Items You Need For Your Newborn
Top 10 Items You Need For Your Newborn

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