Motivational Segment: Determination

Motivational Segment: Determination

In this Motivational Segment, I talk about Determination. How determined are you when you set your goals? How determined are you in getting the things you want in life? If you don’t have that determination, you will never reach the goals that you set for yourself. You must be determined in order to continue going forward.

If you set a goal and you forget about it and don’t do anything about it to reach them, then you will not reach those goals. But if you’re determined and you layout a roadmap of how you’re going to reach those goals, then you’ll have a better success rate for reaching those goals.

Determination is what’s going to keep you moving and going forward towards those goals. Determination is what’s going to give you that push that you need when you’re not feeling strong enough or when you have doubts. Determination is what puts you ahead of the other people who are trying to reach that same goal that you have.

When you make a goal, have the determination to reach them and you’ll get to where you want to be.


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