Motivational Kick in the Ass

E15 A Motivational Kick in the Ass! The Inspiring Dad Style

A Motivational Kick in the Ass!

I’ve been receiving quite a few emails asking me how I’m always in a chipper, happy mood… some want some motivation… well, I think the 2 of them go hand in hand because if you’re passionate about your goal and you really want it, you’ll be happy and chipper doing it because you’ll be getting closer to your goal! That’s why I want to give you a motivational kick in the ass so you can experience the same thing!

It’s not going to be easy and I’m not going to have all of the answers, but this  motivational kick in the ass is to try and help you start or continue going towards your goal. Remember- you must be determined and passionate about your goals or else you’re not going to reach them. You will have to work hard and never give up and don’t allow anybody to get in your way or stop you. You’re doing this for you and only you. Screw the nay sayers.

No matter what you want to achieve- weight loss, success, money & fortune, rich and famous, find a significant other, travel the world… it doesn’t matter- you can achieve these goals if you work at them and are motivated to reach them. I promise it’s not easy but it’s much easier than not starting at all. If you take steps towards your goals and never give up, eventually you’ll reach them or you’ll die trying. If you die trying that means you died happy because your end goal should make you happy and excited. Stick with it and don’t give up.


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Motivational Kick in the Ass
Motivational Kick in the Ass

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