I Want to be a YouTuber

E8 I Want to be a YouTuber! But I’ll Stick with Podcasting

I Want to be a YouTuber!

In this episode, I tell you why I want to be a YouTuber! I want to have the millions of views, the thousands of subscribers and likes and start basking in the money that’s associated with all of that! Holy shit, it’s unbelievable what these YouTubers make for their videos. And a lot of them are pretty much a person playing a video game and bitching about it the whole time… the only reason why I know this is because of my 7 year old son. It’s amazing what kind of things they’re watching compared to when I was younger and what I watched.

When I was growing up, we actually played the video games– not watch somebody play them for us.

I don’t know what I would video myself doing, but I want to be a YouTuber! Maybe I can be a popular podcaster and have the same kind of fame… we’ll see!

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I Want to be a YouTuber
I Want to be a YouTuber


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