E45 Iowa, Iowa State, Irma

E45 Iowa, Iowa State, Irma

Hello everybody – yes, it’s only Friday but I am not going to have time tomorrow to record my weekly episode, so I decided to record it tonight! You get to listen to me one day earlier! In this episode, I talk about Iowa, Iowa State and Irma.

Even though I’m not a fan of either Iowa or Iowa State because my team is Penn State, I always route for Iowa State when they play each other because it doesn’t seem right to route for Iowa!

Irma is another huge hurricane and is wreaking havoc on the caribiean islands and is about to make landfall in Florida and surrounding areas – please, if your’e in the area where Irma is going to make land fall, please get to safer grounds and don’t try to ride out the storm. Please don’t put yourself, your family, pets and first responders in harms way. Please heed the warnings and evacuate to safer places. I hope winds shift and Irma gets blown out into the Atlantic and dissipates, but if it doesn’t I hope everybody is safe and sound and there aren’t any casualties,

Thanks for listening. I also have my motivational segment in the episode – this week I talk about Attitude and how much it has an affect on our everyday lives (I will also be uploading it as a separate bonus episode so people can listen to just that). Please give it a listen and start practicing it in your life!

As always, thanks for listening and until next time, take care!

Please be safe if your in the area of Irma, Jose and Katia.

E45 Iowa, Iowa State, Irma



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