Is Ryan Hillegas The Real Killer?

Is Ryan Hillegas The Real Killer?

Is Ryan Hillegas The Real Killer?

Who is Ryan Hillegas? Well, he is Teresa Halbach’s  ex-boyfriend and who I think should be  one of, if not the main suspects for her murder. This is just my theory, of course.

Why do I suspect Ryan Hillegas to be Teresa’s murderer? Because if you look closely at some of the evidence and listen to or read the transcripts from the trial, you will realize that this guy is a shady character. While watching the docu-series, I always got a weird vibe from him whenever he was on the screen. He just acted sketchy and always seemed nervous but also smug at the same time. Yes, I know those things don’t make somebody a murderer, but hear me out.

If you look closely in the documentary, you can actually see scratches and bruises on his hands. (Warning, poor quality photos below):

Ryan Hillegas
Ryan Hillegas

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 4.36.21 PM Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 4.36.16 PM

Sure, they’re only scratches that could have been caused by anything but I think they’re scratches from a human. If you look at how close the scratches are to each other and how one is higher than the other – that suggests the index and middle fingers could have been used to make those scratches.

During the searches, whenever he would give an interview, he was really nervous and Mike Halbach (Teresa’s brother – who I think is involved as well (not with the murder but with the helping of the coverup for LE), would have to interject sometimes and finish sentences or correct Ryan if he thought he was going to say something damning.

And then, who in the hell just “guesses” somebody’s username and password?!? This guy should go work for the NSA because he was able to get right into her voicemails and delete them and then look at her phone records. Why the fuck would you delete voicemails on a missing persons phone that doesn’t belong to you?!?! Are you fricking shitting me?!?

And since they were able to access the voicemails and call logs, they knew where she was that day and realized that would be one awesome place to hide a car. That’s why THEY were trying to lead the searchers into that direction – they knew where the car was, it just had to be found by somebody other than them. 

In every missing person/murder investigation, you ALWAYS look at the family/close acquaintances first but in this case, they weren’t even thought about.

I think Mike Halbach had a falling out with his sister and the reason I say that is if you watch her one video, she talks about everything she loves and she mentions specifically her sisters and mom but doesn’t say brother but groups him into the ‘whole family’ (Heres the video) “I love my sisters, my mom, my whole family of course”… why would she not mention him singularly? Edit 2/24/16: It was brought to my attention that Teresa had other brothers besides Mike – but still – why not include them? It just seemed as though she deliberately blew her brothers off by not mentioning them.

Also, I find it strange that Ryan just threw himself right into the center of the investigation and also slept at Teresa’s house during the searches… why do you think that was? Was it so he can stay close to the investigation and keep up on what LE is doing? He wanted to be seen as a hero? He was told to do so by LE? He wanted to go through her belongings (computer, paperwork…etc) and find out more information so he can create a better alibi? Did he want a reason for his DNA to be all over the house?

A lot of times, hidden things are actually right in front of you. Hidden in plain sight. People would think to themselves “Ryan couldn’t have killed her- he was out searching for her”… “Ryan was the first one to help look for her and gather searchers… he’s a good guy”… “He’s a grieving ex”…

We all made excuses for him when Mike and  him seemed shady giving those interviews to reporters “Oh, he’s just nervous”… “He didn’t get any sleep”… well, maybe, just maybe, he was nervous because he’s guilty… he’s guilty of something at least- he either killed her or at the very least, helped cover shit up… hell, he probably did both. Because “he was the grieving ex who wanted to do everything he could to help LE capture the “real” murderer… or you know, keep all eyes off him and push the narrative that Steven did it.

As for why Ryan Hillegas would kill Teresa – I believe he got jealous and lost his temper and ended up killing her – he may or may not have connections to the sheriffs department and they helped him hide her RAV4 on Steven Avery’s property and took over from there.

As for how he did it- I’m still up in the air about this. He could have met her at her place to talk, they got into an argument and he started choking her… she was trying to release his hands from her throat and while doing so, she scratched him… she probably fell to the floor, he picked her up, threw her into the back of the Rav and then started going through her shit to see where she’d been…

He probably noticed she’d been to the Avery’s but couldn’t get onto that property during the day but he couldn’t keep the Rav at her place because her roommate was going to be coming home. He called his buddy who owns the quarry (Randant). Ryan and Randant temporarily park the Rav there and disposed of the body by burning it or possibly throwing it into one of the many quarry pits filled with water.

They had to find a way to get the vehicle off the quarry and onto the Avery property… I think the 2 of them (Ryan and Randant) then parked the Rav on Avery’s property during the night, called LE to tell them they found the car on Avery’s property and that’s when LE got involved and told them to shut the fuck up and don’t tell anybody they saw the Rav there because they were trespassing.

LE needed a plan to get somebody (cough, Pam Sturm, cough) onto the property legally and “find” the Rav and then the rest is pretty much history. I believe Ryan told Mike that he had found the Rav on Steven’s property and then obviously he was told by LE that he can’t say anything about it… so when the reporter asked the question of whether or not they’d been on the Avery property, you can see them both get nervous and back up each other’s stories…

These are just theories. This is me having a little bit of time on my hands and I’m not implicating anybody.

So – I think Ryan could have done it. He saw that she was at the Avery’s by listening to her voicemails and looking at her call logs and decides it’s a perfect place to hide a car, hides it and then leads the searchers (Pam Sturm and her daughter) in that direction so they can find it and now all eyes are on the Avery’s but the cops can’t find anything that they can pin it on Steven so they have to jump through hoops and try to do whatever they can so they don’t look like assholes – they got too deep and it was too late to turn back and they kept going forward with it.
In the end, I’m fairly confident that Kathleen Zellner and Co. will get to the bottom of it and not only prove Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey didn’t murder Teresa Halbach, but also prove who the real killer is… and could it be Ryan Hillegas?

The investigation continues…



Could Be Ryan Hillegas
Could Be Ryan Hillegas
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  1. rick

    People kill for only a couple of reasons and ex lover is up there He lied on the stand about password and user name wow what a liar ! Ofcourse he wanted to help cops and lead the search to make himself look like he cares . Those marks on his hands were from a person violently applied . He gave Pam strum a camera and she went right to the rav 4 He’s my number 1 suspect cops only wanted steve 16 million reasons for that FACT!!!! This isn’t really that hard there is just a lot of people involved in shady actions

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