Host Your Own Podcast on Blubrry Hosting

Host Your Own Podcast on Blubrry Hosting

Host Your Own Podcast on Blubrry Hosting

Are you thinking about starting your own podcast? Are you looking for a place to host your content so you don’t have to worry about it? Are you looking for a host that can offer professional statistics about your downloads, subscriptions and other useful stats? (I love their stats!!) Then look no further- is your answer!  You can host your own podcast on Blurbrry Hosting in a matter of minutes! It’s easy, painless and you can sign up for free and you can try out their more advanced features for 1 month free!

Take a look at all of these great benefits you’ll receive from Blubrry Hosting:

Blubrry Hosting: 

  • Unlimited downloads

  • No contracts, cancel anytime

  • Optimized for iTunes and podcasting

  • Audio, audiobook, video, ePub and PDF supported

  • Media hosted on our top-tier content delivery network (CDN) with more than 35 data centers throughout the world to provide the lowest latency (response time in seconds) possible

  • Upload using HTML5 technology, no special uploading tools or software required

  • Automated ID3 tagging (both artwork and textual metadata written to your mp3s)

  • Episodes hosted until you cancel service

  • Media validation (make sure your media will play on all podcast platforms)

  • Premium Podcast Statistics included ($5-a-month value)

  • Free technical support by email

  • FTP access is available upon request

  • American owned-and-operated in the United States, our primary business is for podcasting!

All accounts include membership to Blubrry Podcast Community, which includes:

  • Distribution on the Blubrry Podcast Network

    • Get featured in Blubrry, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Google TV

    • Android apps

    • Blubrry MyCast podcast subscription service

  • Advertising opportunities (make money by placing audio/video ads in your podcast)

Blubrry Hosting at

  • Audio and video players (HTML5-based with Flash fallback for maximum browser compatibility)

  • Your own podcast Web pages on

  • iTunes compliant podcast (RSS) feed for syndication

  • Weblog API support for cross posting to blog enabled sites (such as

  • Schedule posting support

But wait, there’s more! 

Blubrry Hosting with WordPress

  • Upload and publish on one screen from your WordPress website

  • Take advantage of search engine optimization (SEO) hosting your podcast on your own website

  • You are in control

  • Your syndication (podcast RSS feed) resides on your own website

    • All podcast links point back to your website

    • Your podcast content can take advantage of all WordPress has to offer (more than 29,000 plugins to pick from to add the functionality you want)


Get all of those benefits for a low monthly price (or pay annually) and if you use my promo code “theinspiringdad” at check out, you will receive 1 month FREE!! Who doesn’t like free?!?!

So go to and sign up for an account now and you’ll get 1 month FREE! Remember to use promo code “theinspiringdad” Host your own podcast on Blubrry Hosting


Don’t wait too long or this offer might be gone!!


Host Your Own Podcast on Blubrry Hosting
Host Your Own Podcast on Blubrry Hosting

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