Finding the Root Cause of Your Unhappiness

Finding the Root Cause of Your Unhappiness

Finding the Root Cause

There are so many things that we hold onto and most of it are negative things. It’s time to find the root cause and start working towards replacing those negative thoughts with positive ones. The negative things you’re holding on to are just bringing you down and not allowing you to reach your goals.

You need to get to the root cause of the issue as to why you’re always thinking negatively or why you’re always anxious or why you’re depressed or why you’re unhappy. If you cannot find the root cause yourself, seeking professional help is not a sign of weakness nor does it mean you’re crazy – all it means is that you’re taking the right steps to talk with somebody so they can help you get back on track.

Also, don’t be afraid to read some self-help books to help you as well. Sometimes all it takes is a short read to help clear your mind and get a better understanding of you and your issues.

If you know what’s causing you to have negative and intrusive thoughts, then start working on getting rid of them and replacing them with positive ones. For a lot of you- you’re probably saying “I’ve already tried to do this” or “It’s not going to work”— guess what – those are negative thoughts; so you need to stop thinking that you can’t do it and get in the mentality that you can do anything.  Start to mute the negative thoughts and only allow the positive thoughts to come through.

There is always a root cause as to why we think negatively just like there is a root cause as to why we think positively. When you’re having a great day and you’re happy and singing and cheerful and smiling… there is a root cause for it – so what is that root cause and can you keep it in your mind longer and keep having those positive thoughts?

And then the opposite – if you’re having a bad day, you’re unhappy, you’re yelling and you’re down and frowning… there is a root cause for that as well – so what is that root cause and can you get it out of your head? What would you rather have? The positive thinking or the negative thinking?

I know it’s not as simple as saying “Oh, I’m having a bad day so let me stop and start having a good one” – I don’t want you to have bad days at all (but they happen – even to me – butI don’t allow it to rule me). I want you to start being able to pinpoint the root cause of the negativity and the bad moods so you can change things so you’re not having as many of those negative thoughts and are having more positive ones.

The changes a person makes to think positively are different for each person. For one person, somebody simply saying “Hi” to them will change their bad day to a good one. For another person, it could take going fishing at their favorite fishing hole or reading a good book or taking a vacation…etc.

Identify the root cause of your issues and negative thinking and work towards fixing them. And then identify what makes you truly happy and work toward adding more of those things into your life. Always start small and work your way up so you’re not overburdened and you end up giving up because you’re not seeing immediate results. Keep working at it and YOU WILL see results!

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Finding the Root Cause of Your Unhappiness
Finding the Root Cause of Your Unhappiness
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