Carmen Boutwell

Carmen Boutwell

Carmen Boutwell

Carmen Boutwell died of a drug overdose on November 3, 2005 – the same day Teresa Halbach was reported missing. Carmen was around the same age and looked similar to Teresa. So what does this have to do with the Steven Avery case?

Well,  Redditor foghaze did another write up and this time focusing on Carmen Boutwell and a pretty interesting theory.

(Note: Some is Speculation)

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I haven’t seen much talk about this and if there was and I missed it I apologize. How on earth could LE possibly know the bones were female just one day after the bones were “supposedly” found on Nov 8th? I’m finding news reports that by Nov 10th the Halbach’s had a prayer vigil mourning her death. Mike is saying how she will be missed and how they will see her one day in heaven. If this was on the 10th then the Halbach’s were most likely told the bones were female on the 9th.

I’m finding news reports that Pagel is telling the media the bones were of a woman.

Here is one:[1] 

We all know it was completely impossible to know if the bones “recovered” were female without some kind of forensic test. We also know that no forensic tests had verified anything including the gender. Did LE tell the Halbach’s they were female because they already knew the bones were female and the test would eventually confirm it? If they knew these bones were female but not Teresa’s that means they knew something we don’t. There is no way they would tell the Hallbach’s that the bones were female if they didn’t already know the results of the test would confirm them to be female.

Is it possible LE were getting so frustrated and desperate by Nov 8th that they had not found any trace of TH that they actually somehow obtained female bones? Where did they get female bones? With the recent discovery about the bones and how they may not even be TH is this really such a farfetched idea? If they are planting all the evidence and Avery is innocent why not plant female bones if they have access to them? They were desperate and needed a body.

Some have suggested the bones may have been from a woman named Carmen Boutwell who coincidently looked a lot like TH and she also was about the same age.

Here is Link of Carmen[2] 

She died of a drug overdose on 11/3. The same day TH was reported missing. It is not known if she was cremated but if she was she would have been cremated by the Manitowoc coroner. The same coroner who was not allowed on the Scene when the bones were “found”.

Apparently CB had several run ins with the law regarding drug use. If LE knew who she was then they knew she looked a lot like TH. They would also know she was around the same age which would also be an important detail that would point to the bones most likely being TH. We also know Andy Colborn knew about CB because he calls in dispatch to ask them if the woman found that morning 11/3 was Teresa.

It’s important to note once a body is cremated it looks a lot like the remains we see that are in evidence. To me they look like part of a cremation process. Once the body is burned the bones are then ground down into a fine powder. Were these the bones of CB or another female obtained before the grinding process after the cremation process? If it wasn’t CB then who could it be? There are no other reports of a female the same age as Teresa dying during this time in Manitowoc County.

Again it is pretty obvious they knew the bones were female and they wouldn’t have said this without actually knowing. That in itself is a pretty good reason to speculate that the bones actually belong to Carmen Boutwell or from some other female that LE could have somehow had access too.

Let’s not even get into the magic tissue found. Considering the destruction of all the bones found it seems impossible that one lone piece of tissue somehow survived that kind of heat. That will be another topic to discuss.


Everything about the bones feels wrong. There weren’t any photos taken of the burn pit showing the bones, the bones didn’t smell like rubber or fuel and where was the pelvis bone found?

There are too many questions surrounding those bones so it isn’t too far fetched for these bones to be of Carmen Boutwell and not Teresa Halbach.

What are your thoughts?

Here is an updated article on Carmen Boutwell


Carmen Boutwell
Carmen Boutwell
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