Can You Make A Rebuttal Against This Theory

Can You Make A Rebuttal Against This Theory?

Can You Make A Rebuttal Against This Theory?

Can you make a rebuttal against this theory? In my other blog post, I updated the timeline of it being plausible for Steven Avery to be the killer. Here is the original thread on Reddit by user /u/callingyououtonxyz  can anybody give a rebuttal against it? I don’t want to hear “search and you’ll see how a certain thing was disproven before” – if you can write an actual rebuttal to this theory, I will post it on my blog right here at 

It’s always good to hear both sides of the coin and that’s what I like to do – I want to show how all these theories make sense but only one of them can be right – but since there is that reasonable doubt, SA should not be sitting in jail right now. He and Brendan both need retrials at the very least.

I just want a civilized conversation about this. I understand the majority of this sub is pro-SA but if you’re given a plausible timeline of him actually being the murderer, then you should be able to give a rebuttal and show how it doesn’t add up.

I would love to hear all of your theories and timelines and I might even post them on my blog (with your permission of course!).

Email me at and let me know if you’d like to make a rebuttal and have it posted on my blog. You can also make a comment down below and we’ll go from there!

Let’s hear your rebuttals!


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