Braun Series 9 Shaver

Braun Series 9 Shaver Review

Braun Series 9 Shaver

Hello all! I recently acquired a Braun Series 9 Shaver  and I’ve been using it for over 2 weeks now and wanted to give my opinion about it. If you’re in the market for a new shaver, read on to see if the Braun Series 9 shaver is for you!

Let’s start with initial impressions- I believe I received a refurbished Series 9 shaver from Braun because when I opened the box and the carrying case, there were fingerprints all over the handle of the shaver. I’m ok with receiving refurbished product- the issue that I have is that I’d expect it to be in pretty pristine condition – especially for a product I’m going to be using on my body. I would hope the unit would go back to the manufacturer and they inspect it, remove the old shaver head and add a new one and clean it up and repackage it- I’m not so sure that was the case here. They could have replaced the shaver head and repackaged it, but they did not clean it by removing the fingerprints unless those fingerprints belonged to the employee who was doing the refurbishing- but still, I’d expect a product such as this, to be in excellent condition if it has been refurbished. I was a little skeptical of using the shaver because I was worried the shaver could have been used and when it was returned, maybe the blades weren’t replaced. I ended up washing it off in hot water and then putting it through the cleaning mode of the charger.

I’ve been using the Braun Series 9 shaver for a little over 2 weeks now and it’s been doing a pretty good job. It’s pretty comparable and in some regards, better than my current shaver in shave quality- especially around my chin and jawline. It does a really good job getting all the hairs on my neck which can be a challenge at times. The one thing I don’t like about the shaving experience is the trimmer. I feel as though it doesn’t do a good job at removing the hair and it takes a few passes and isn’t always a clean cut. Every Sunday, I cut my own hair and my wife shaves the back of my neck with the trimmer on my current razor. This past week, she used the trimmer on the Braun Series 9 and we weren’t impressed. It took a lot of passes for her to clean my neck because the blades aren’t really cutting and the trimmer itself isn’t too wide. Normally, it would only take 1 or 2 passes to clean my neck. She ended up using my current razor to finish the job. Even when I do my sideburns, I have a difficult time of making them look clean and have an even cut.

Another issue that I have with the product is the difference between the stated features on the package and the actual features on the shaver. The package shows a digital battery indicator that’s represented by numbers (9 being full and 1 needing charged) and they call it a “Precise LED Display”- the product that came in the box has lines as a battery indicator. Although the product manual does state that features do vary by model number, it’s confusing as to whether the model number I have should have the numbered or the lines for the battery indicator. If they’re going to have variations, they should have variations of their retail packaging as well.

The cleaning base works well but it’s loud when in cleaning mode- I’d recommend cleaning your shaver during the day or when you’re not trying to sleep if your bathroom is close to your bedroom or it might keep you up!

Overall, I like the shaver and it gets the job done, it’s just the small details that are missing to make this a truly great experience. The trimmer needs to be wider and do a better job at trimming. As of right now, I’m continuing to use the Braun Series 9 shaver to see how it performs over time but I have my old one on standby for shaving the back of my neck and just in case the Braun Series 9 should fail. I’m also still going to window shop for other razors just to see what else is out there.



Nice design, nice weight and feel to the shaver,

Does a good job shaving my face, especially my chin and jawline.

The Clean&Charge Station cleans the Braun Series 9 shaver really well* and ensures the shaver is charged.


First impressions weren’t all that good. IF the product I received was indeed refurbished, Braun should reevaluate their processes.

They should have separate retail packaging for the different variations and not have it as a surprise when you open the box.

The Clean&Charge system cleans well but is a little on the loud side.

The trimmer needs to be wider and do a better job at trimming.

The price for a new one is a little pricey $240 on Amazon

My overall rating: 7 out of 10




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