Maybe it WASN'T Ryan Hillegas but Bobby Dassey and Scott Tadych

Maybe it WASN’T Ryan Hillegas but Bobby Dassey and Scott Tadych

Maybe it WASN’T Ryan Hillegas but Bobby Dassey and Scott Tadych

What if Ryan Hillegas didn’t murder Teresa Halbach? What if it was Bobby Dassey and Scott Tadych all along, like some theories (more, more, more)have suggested?

With the submission of Kathleen Zellner’s new motion, Bobby Dassey was another subject who was implicated to show the courts that there was another person to meet the Denny qualifications. In that new motion, she points out that Bobby had lied under oath numerous times and produced new evidence that establishes that Bobby and Scott were at the same location as Teresa when she received her last phone call and she was also able to get better images on Bobby’s computer that depicted violent pornography that involved young females (who had an uncanny resemblance to Teresa Halbach) who were being raped and tortured and better quality images of Teresa Halbach. Then you can’t forget about the scratches on his back that he said were from his puppy!

While the theory of Bobby possibly being the murderer isn’t new (him and Scott were brought up during closing arguments during the trial as being the actual killers), Kathleen Zellner is casting a new light on Bobby Dassey and Scott Tadych and while she still has new evidence of Ryan Hillegas having a page of Teresa’s journal that was in her vehicle at the time of her murder, she really honed in on Bobby and Scott this time.

So it makes you wonder, if Ryan Hillegas really is innocent in Teresa’s murder but involved in the actual coverup? Was he just going along with the cops to help them secure a conviction on Steven because he found Teresa’s Rav 4 and body when he was doing his own search and then when the cops took over, they wanted to plant everything on Steven and he gave them whatever they needed/wanted? While that makes him innocent of Teresa’s murder, that still makes him guilty of tampering with evidence and that could be why he’s not talking to Zellner because he could land in hot water even if he’s not the killer.

A few hours ago, Kathleen Zellner tweeted this tweet on Twitter:

Bobby Dassey

Is Zellner calling out Barb (Brendan and Bobby’s mother) and telling her to runaway and open up about what she knows? Does Barb know more than what she’s letting on? Is she being quiet because she’s trying to protect Bobby and Scott? Is she afraid to talk because she’s scared of Scott? Does she know the truth but isn’t willing to lose another son and a husband?

Or maybe Zellner is calling out somebody else… maybe Ken Kratz’ wife or maybe Ryan Hillegas’ love interest… probably not… most likely, this is a call to Barb.

It’s very interesting where this case has gone. There are so many suspects and so many people of interest, but it seems like we’re finally getting to a point where we can easily narrow it down to just 2-3 people. I mean, Ryan can still be the killer and Kathleen is just trying to create a diversion so he and others can think the focus is off of them… doubtful but it could be possible!

No matter what, everybody should be in agreeance that Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey are INNOCENT and they DID NOT kill Teresa Halbach and the rightful murderer, no matter who he or they are, need to be brought to justice and the two innocent people sitting in jail right now, need to be freed. Law enforcement and the State of Wisconsin should be held responsible as well because they were complicit in all of this.

Barb, if you read this, I would suggest you getting in touch with Kathleen Zellner and tell her what you know. If you are in fear of your life, she can help you. You can get out of the situation you’re in just by talking and telling her what you know. Please do not allow people to run your life. Please don’t live your life in fear. Please do not protect evil people. Do the right thing and start talking. Free Brendan – your own flesh and blood. Free Steven.




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