Andres Martinez

Andres Martinez

Andres Martinez

Here is another theory that’s been catching some buzz around Reddit today – it was posted by /u/Dikanis and they discuss how it’s plausible for Pamela Sturm to have seen the real killer of Teresa Halbach. This new theory is suggesting Andres Martinez is the person Pamela Sturm could have seen.


I want to touch on what I found yesterday while piling through tons of research and link after link. We all know that former PI Pamela Sturm and her daughter Nikole Sturm Volunteered to search the Avery Salvage yard! Quickly they drove to the main office building where two men were talking and as it turned out Earl Avery was one of them men whom Pam asked permission if she could search the Property meaning the Salvage Yard and he agreed after some chit chat about losing a nephew. Between 9:50 or so and 10:30 or so Pam and Daughter managed to talk to Earl and get permission search a few rows of cars and head up toward a Ridge and find TH’s Car there buried under some branches door frame and hood of another car. After this they called sheriff Pagel and left a message (they had his direct line given to them by Ryan Hillegas along with a camera that was borrowed to them by TH”s roommate Scott????)Ok so anyone reading this probably knows the full story so that’s all I’m gonna type about that. In the Transcript for Day 2 of the Wisconsin vs. Avery court case Pam Sturm states that while she was waiting the 20 or so minutes that she and Daughter Nikole waited by the Car Crusher. She states earlier that she was in fear of safety since she found the RAV4 on the property and then she states that she pushed Nikole behind vehicles because she saw a man standing on the hill above the ridge where the RAV4 was located. Here is a quote from the transcripts so you don’t have to look for yourself.
Kratz: now tell us what happen then? Pam: well, we waited about 20 to 25 minutes before someone arrived. Before they arrived, we saw a man up on the ridge by the buildings up here, there is a ridge and I cog a little concerned so I — like I said, I put Nikki behind a car so nothing would happen to her.
What the Heck? Who was this Man???? Well here is Buting questioning Pam.
And, you mentioned a man up on a Ridge, or on the ridge, but up on the hill, kind of back towards the buildings, when you were sitting there waiting for 20 minutes? Correct? And,,, Steven Avery wasn’t the man was he??? I don’t know for sure it was too far to see. Well, who was this man???? It wasn’t Earl Avery was it? I don’t know like I said it was too far.
And that’s it. That’s all. Are you kidding me?
That seems pretty important since I recovered the fact that Earl Avery Said that a man named Andres Martinez was on the property that day and he would be on the property several times a month getting parts for his car. This Andres Martinez is the Same Martinez whom later that day Nov. 5th went to his Ex – Girlfriend’s house and Tried to AXE her to death. He was successful in taking an axe and hitting her in the back of her neck causing a very huge almost life threatening gash to her neck and to her arm. He also managed to axe the Dog since it was trying to protect the woman and he also managed to axe one or both of the children. They all manage to escape across the street to a Tattoo place and call the cops and Martinez is serving a 60 year Sentence. That is not all Martinez has a history sexual abuse and Criminal burglary bigger than all the Avery Brothers together Including Steven Avery. He has spent most of his life in prison. Also he was and is in the same prison as Brendan Dassey.
Barb Tadych Brendan Dassey’s mother told online Mail reporters that Martinez approached her when she was visiting her son at the prison three or four years ago and said I know Brendan and Steve didn’t do this. Brendan doesn’t belong here. She said Brendan doesn’t associate with Martinez and He knows nothing of Brendan’s case. Tadych informed Brendan’s attorneys about what happened.
Here is the killer for me of all of what I have posted…… Ready wait for it…. ANDRES MARTINEZ was one of the several persons that the defense Buting at Avery’s trial wanted to present as a possible alternate person whom could have killed Teresa Halbach. The Judge would not let the Defense present possible other Suspects!!!!!

WHAT???? WTF ~Vegas Rob[1]


Again, the above theory was posted by a Reddit user and it is not my theory. I believe anything could have happened on the night of October 31st, 2005. I am not sure if Steven Avery is guilty but I do know that both him and Brendan Dassey need new trials and I hope they’re able to get them with their new lawyer Kathleen Zellner – she’s going to grab them by the balls and not release until the truth comes out!

What do you think? Did Pamela Sturm see the real killer?

There are a lot of different theories on who murdered Teresa Halbach but only one of them can be true. If you have time, read through some of them and then you can decide if any of them make sense and which one is the most plausible. Here, Here and Here (plus a lot of other posts). Have fun!


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