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18 Days Until My Son Turns 7 Years Old

18 Days


There are 18 days until my son turns 7. Where did the time go?! I cannot believe 7 years have passed already. You always hear people say “as you get older, the time flies faster”… boy, I now know what they’re talking about. He started 1st grade this year. Holy crap. And that means I’m getting old too! He turns 7 and only 18 days after that, I turn 37. Damn.

That’s ok… him getting older is a good thing. He is growing into a fine young boy.

He’s very smart, funny, happy and witty. He can be sarcastic and stubborn too (I think he gets that from me… oops 🤐) There are times when he needs to be put in a “time out” because he doesn’t listen or talks back, but for the most part, he’s a good kid. He likes to read and he loves math/counting. He’s very good at it for a 1st grader. He impresses us when he answers the math questions we throw at him… math wasn’t my favorite in school.

The other day, he told me he wanted to be a librarian when he gets older… I just asked him again what he wanted to be and this time he wants to be a policeman… typical child… but that’s an awesome thing. He’s still young and innocent and doesn’t need to make any major decisions in life and can change his mind anytime he wants… he does it a lot. One minute you ask him what he wants for dinner and he’ll tell you one thing and after you make it, he wants something else… ARRRGH… he takes after his mom in that aspect- always changing their minds.

He watches a lot of Youtube videos… and the stuff he watches… man… I grew up with The Flinstones, The Jetsons, Scooby Doo… He’s growing up with Youtubers who play video games and make weird sound effects and make dumb comments (no offense… I’m jealous!). He can sit there all day and watch them if we let him- we don’t. He plays Minecraft, Terraria and Angry Birds… I think what all kids are into these days… I don’t understand them but they entertain him…

He is a social butterfly. He talks to everybody and anybody… even if they don’t want to listen to him. He tells strangers all sorts of things… he tells them his favorite game, where he’s going, what their shirt says, the weather… most people engage with him but there are those who ignore him… but he doesn’t care! We tell him all the time to not tell strangers his stories but by the time we try to stop him, it’s already too late. The check-out clerks at stores are usually his biggest target… we try to distract him while we’re checking out.

He has lots of friends and gets along with most anybody. Some people say that children who don’t have any siblings are more introverted and don’t make friends as easily… not for him- he has no trouble talking to and befriending people. He doesn’t care how old they are either. One of his friends in the neighborhood is 10 and they get along great.

Watching him get older and accomplishing so many milestones and watching him grow is just amazing. And the best part- he has so many more milestones to accomplish! I wouldn’t trade any of this for the world… it’s just an amazing feeling as you watch your child grow older and reach many milestones… but it’s always hard for me to imagine myself seeing them and living them with him… ya know? Like, when he was born, it was hard for me to imagine him talking and walking and peeing on the potty… now he’s doing all of that, taking his own showers, dressing himself… like holy shit… and I still have to see him go into high school, go through puberty, drive a car… right now, I can’t imagine that and it’s just hard to believe that someday he’ll be going through all of it… I hope I’m there for as many as possible! 11 years and 347 days from now, I’ll be writing about how he’s getting ready to move out and go to college… or whatever he’s doing for his 18th birthday… and it’ll be here before I know it… I’m not sure if I’ll be prepared for it or not but I know he’ll be ready and will tackle the world… heck, he might even do it before he’s 18… and I wouldn’t put it past him!

18 days until my son turns 7… 18 days after that and I turn 37… where did the time go?!



18 Days
18 Days

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